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Today in Breaking News, CMS: Teenager charged in connection with sharing of 75 nude photos online

A Charlotte Area teen is being charged in connection with the sharing of 75 nude photos online at Bailey Middle School.  CMS police said they’re investigating who used the photo-share website Drop box to post 75 nude photos of middle and high school girls in early February.  Sources say that some of the girls are as young as 14.  Some parents at Bailey Middle School are shocked that something like this would happen.

In other news, PRIVACY VERSUS OBSCENE WITHIN YOUR OWN HOME, Details when we return.

Naked Neighbor in Charlotte, NC upsets Neighbors and Citizens

Residents in the Cardinal Glen neighborhood are outraged after seeing a neighbor constantly standing naked in his home with the front door open.  Neighbors said the man has been standing naked at his front door several times a week for the last ten years.  They have called the police, but CMPD cannot do anything about it.  The reason is because legally the man is technically inside his own home and not exposing himself in any public place.  Police have stated they are searching for alternate options to resolve the community issue.

Lastly in Breaking News, Rookie LAPD officer wanted on murder charges

A Rookie Los Angeles police officer is wanted on murder charges in the shooting death of a man over the weekend.  The victim was identified as Salome Rodriguez Jr, 23-year old trucker who collapsed at the street corner and later died at a Los Angeles hospital.  Witnesses say they saw shots fired in the predawn hours Saturday after a struggle between a shooter and a victim before a compact car was seen rushing off.  Authorities and LAPD have begun looking for the rookie cop to question him, but so far, he has not turned up.  Pomona police said in a statement, “The suspect knows he is wanted and that police are actively searching for him”.

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