Visiting North Carolina Cities: Here’s What You Need To Know

North Carolina truly has something for every traveler. It is a state known for its beautiful beaches, breath-taking mountain scenery, world-famous barbecue, and plenty of Old Southern hospitality and charm. North Carolina is also the home to NASCAR, America‘s home to speedway racing. Visitors to the Tarheel state can enjoy the peaceful and relaxing outdoor activities from swimming, hiking, and mountain climbing. Experience the taste of Appalachian culture in the Blue Ridge and Smokey mountains.

Escape to the state’s coastal region with secluded barrier islands in the Outer Banks and the vibrant riverfront city of Wilmington. North Carolina is known as a traveling destination for many native Carolinians and travelers. Nearly everywhere in North Carolina is home to something especially the best reasons why I love this state.

You’ll find North Carolina is the place to visit on the map. North Carolina has many wonderful and amazing cities to visit. But with so many to choose from – how does one even choose? Well, here is an overview of the top places to visit in North Carolina:

Fayetteville, North Carolina

”Red, White, and Blue” the United States flag captures the heart, soul and spirit of the American people. Fayetteville is a city that captures the essence of the American flag along with their heart and soul. Fayetteville is known as the home of Fort Bragg, a U.S. Army facility, its residents take extreme pride in their town and hold the values of patriotism and freedom close to their hearts and spirits. Those military heroes who served our country are loved and celebrated with honor here, and visitors are filled with emotion of those who served and love their country.

Experience and explore the history of southern North Carolina in the Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex. A building with more than 400 years of history, displayed in a number of exhibits about slavery and the Civil War, European settlements, Native Americans and other interesting subjects. The facilities include the Arsenal Park, it features the remains of a factory that served both the Federal and Confederate governments and the 1897 Poe House.

Asheville, North Carolina

The town of Asheville, which is set in the beautiful Blue Ridge Foothills, is known for its reputation as being a vibrant, artsy community. Asheville features a number of boutiques that showcase local artistic creations as well as bars and amazing restaurants to eat. Asheville is located very close to the world-famous and major tourist attraction Biltmore Estate. The estate was built by the influential and wealthy George Vanderbilt.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, is the largest city in North Carolina, has a lot to offer visitors, especially those who love sports. The vibrant city who also earned the nickname the Queen City, Charlotte is home to a number of interesting attractions including the amusement park, Carowinds; the largest man-made whitewater park, the US National Whitewater Center; and the family-friendly Discovery Place, which combines a science museum with an aquarium.

Get ready for NFL football season to root for the Carolina Panthers. Nothing gets the city of Charlotte going then a Panthers tailgate and CAROLINA PANTHERS GAME! Panthers tailgate and game is an absolute blast! If you are a fan of motorsports especially NASCAR, Charlotte is NASCAR country. We have the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the NASCAR Technical Institute, the NASCAR Racing experience, and the Charlotte Motor Speedway.. Next to NFL team of Carolina Panthers, the NASCAR racing is big thrill with North Carolinians!

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