Andrea Sturdivant

Writer, Video editor, Digital Content Creator.

Hi! I’m Andrea. Im a writer, video editor, and digital content creator, and blessed to have met and been mentored by great professionals in the broadcasting industry. Though, meeting my mentors, Producer and digital content provider, Francene Marie Morris, Digital Marketer, Content Creator & Event Producer, Amelia McGriff-Henderson, and Production Coordinator, Producer & Video Editor, Chris Tyndell has shown me the dedication, passion and drive that as long as you have dreams you can inspire to be anything you want to be!

Being in the same room with people who inspire you is one of the best things you can do for your dreams. That’s why I try to meet and connect with as many creative people as I can and let the power of their voices to be heard – so you can gather inspiration for your own journey by hearing their stories.

I am an avid reader and lover of fairy tale stories, poetry and literature. I have written many articles and edited over 300 videos to date (many of those articles and videos will be featured in my portfolio) and written 40 blog posts to date. You can read those stories on my blog The Writer’s Space. (Or if you prefer to hear me on my podcast check out the The Writer’s Space Podcast!) 

Andrea making notes to her video script, Cornelius Jazz Festival

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