cropped-andrea-sturdivant-photo.jpgAndrea is an Writer, Storyteller, Journalist, Video Producer  who takes pride and joy in creating new media in the Broadcast Industry. Whether it be writing, video production, producing, reporting or announcing, the fact that a piece of media can always be better drives her motivation, dedication, ambition and strong-willed drive.

Andrea credits her extensive knowledge and passion for fast paced and always changing media industry for my broad range of media knowledge.

Andrea has participated in various writing elements and multiple video shoots. My endeavors ranged from Blogger, Multimedia Reporter, Staff writer and Freelance journalist. My endeavors in videography ranged from Grip to Production Assistant to Talent to Videographer to Video Producer.

Prior to entering the media field, Andrea was a Sales Associate for a Retail company and served as Media Relations personnel as well as freelance editor and writer for multiple companies. There, she acquired the skills of marketing, branding, and establishing clientele relationships. Andrea worked honing her sales skills for seven years. However, as Andrea were honing her sales skills she was also honing her writing skills as a Media Relations personnel, freelance editor and writer for multiple media outlets online and businesses. In this time she developed her most prized attribute. Excellent Customer Service and Passion for Story-telling! While demonstrating a great keen ear for clients/customers, Andrea also used that skill to crossover in the Broadcasting industry while working as a freelance writer, reporter, media relations personnel and editor to create wonderful works of story-telling.