Annika an Afrikaanse- Ballerina: The Masquerade Ball

Back home. A fresh new start. Dedicated ballerina who never had faith in love to begin with. A chance at Love and to Hope…

Seventeen-year-old Annika is a boarding school student with a passion for ballet, but as a black ballerina, she’s had her share of setbacks. She travels back home for her father’s funeral where she is forced to reckon with her past and present while reconnecting with her estranged stepfamily. She’s hoping that a trip off the coast of South Africa to the country Sengula, and a couple of months away from her life in boarding school, might help her figure out how she can move forward and be happy.

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Kiss of a Angel: A Paranormal Romance

Posted by on 2.12.18 in Short Story

Lexington Lifton suspected something was a little off when he noticed all the strange activity going on in New York City when he was just six years old. Nevertheless, he lived a relatively normal life among other humans. It wasn’t until he bumped into the devilishly beautiful angel, Lauréen Lavoisiér, that his life finally began […]

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My Best Friend

Posted by on 1.9.17 in Poetry

There has been so many times where I needed you as my friend, No matter what the reason is, you always had my back Every time I needed to talk, vent or cry you always understood You always put me first if I needed you to be there, I appreciate your unconditional friendship it showed […]

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Malia An African Queen

Posted by on 12.7.16 in Short Story

As the night grew dark so did the sky. Deep down in Kenya there was the most beautiful African girl I ever seen. This girl was a servant who lived in a small cottage on the over side of Mount Kenya. Her name was Malia which means “Queen”.  Malia had her mother’s beauty and gracious style. […]

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Sunset Be Gone

Posted by on 5.28.15 in Poetry

Sunset be gone till tomorrow There’s no hope till tomorrow The love we shared is no longer there My dear sweet sunset be gone till tomorrow till I have loved no more My heart skips a beat Oh sunset be gone for thee has no true meaning of love Take my hand and steal it […]

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Pink and White Diamond Three Stone Ring

Posted by on 3.21.15 in Poetry

I found a flawless pink and white diamond three stone ring today. Tossed directly and carelessly beneath the elegant lounge Now missing from my from my ring finger, How often I wept over that precious slender ring Occasionally this brings to my mind my very special valentine Like no one else in all this world […]

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Dear Grandma

Posted by on 12.6.14 in Poetry

The love we’ve share for you will never end Your smile brings us happiness and joy within Your sweet sounding voice is always near We love to hear your voice and hear you call for our names Grandma you’re sweet and kind with a gentle soul She opens her heart with a heavenly smile and […]

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