Simple Prayer God Answers and Hears All


So I pray…

So I pray…

Dear God, here I am needing your guidance and support.

Going through this life with the trails and tribulations I go through.

Lord, help me to continue to pray this prayer.

Praying for my life of the endless suffering.

Praying for hurt and anger I feel inside.

Praying for soul to be saved.

Praying for a chance.

So I pray…

So I pray… Praying to walk hand in hand with you Lord.

Praying for hope.

Praying for salvation.

Praying that you hear this prayer.

So I pray…

So I pray…

Pray that you hear this prayer

Don’t Waste Life


Is there anybody going to listen to my story?

Every bridge I cross brings me closer to this circuitous journey through time

Traveling through perpendicular dirty and rocky road

Where am I now, and where will I go from here?

Standing in the middle of a narrow and pebbled empty road

Hearing nothing but the echoed sounds of flowing trees and chirping of birds

Is it an illusion? Or is it reality? I really don’t know

Days seem to pass by like the hours on a grandfather clock

Before long its months then years

Life is like a game of chess

A battlefield full of tactics, strategy and sacrifices to fight for victory

Contemplating life’s hopes and fears

Before I knew it my whole life had passed me by

Arising from a state of shock that transforms into a mystery

Now here I stand before the silence and narrow road

Reflecting back on my life with God reaching out from the heavenly blue skies

Learning about the value and self-discovery of life

Having the potential of understanding within ourselves

All you need, you have within you

Let YOUR life begin.