Pink and White Diamond Three Stone Ring

I found a flawless pink and white diamond three
stone ring today.

Tossed directly and carelessly beneath the
elegant lounge

Now missing from my from my ring finger,

How often I wept over that precious slender ring

Occasionally this brings to my mind my very special valentine

Like no one else in all this world

I couldn’t bear to remove my studded sparkling three stone rings

There will never be another sweet valentine in my life

A ring that symbolizes our true and everlasting
love story

That is deeper than any fairytale

In my heart he is my charming and brave knight of shining armor

As I am his beautiful princess who holds the key to his heart

This ring is a symbol of our love and commitment

A commitment of a vow we made on our wedding day

True and dear to my heart, oh how deep is my

Looking ahead these lonely and miserable days

Feeling incomplete without my soul mate

I only need to cast a glance at that precious
three stone ring

Flawless cut with that Pink and white diamond
sparkling in my eye

It remained me of how powerful our love really was

But there was no one there

Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuarto, Cinco

My fingers are busy counting the precious diamonds in my ring

My sweet precious memories, one by one

Slipped away down beneath in my elegant lounge


But I remember for me

The man I loved and thought of so highly

Gave me a gift that is everlasting

Passed on this beautiful precious pink and white
diamond three stone ring

A sweet token of our cherished love

I thought could never die

Now with the ring it looks naked and bare

Or had it seemed naked and bare before when the ring was gone?

I slip the ring back on but my hand seems so naked and bare

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