Special Angel In Heaven

Posted by on 5.27.17 in Poetry

In Memory of Annie Mae “Granny” Walker

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10 Things That Inspire Me

Posted by on 4.25.17 in Uncategorized

“Inspiration is everywhere SOFTEN in UNEXPECTED PLACES: You just have to keep your eyes OPEN.”  What’s inspiring to you? Is it photography, people, beautiful places, history, creative works of art? Where do you find inspiration? Life is full of possibilities it is up to us to make the most of it. Have you ever just […]

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No More Excuses

Posted by on 4.9.17 in Poetry

Who is this in the mirror, who is this I see?  Who is this person I wonder staring back at me A reflection of broken words, bruised ribs and scars The familiar person I use to see, yet looking at them now they appear intimidated, fragile and lonely Is the person I once knew still […]

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Simple Prayer God Answers and Hears All

Posted by on 2.3.17 in Poetry

So I pray… So I pray… Dear God, here I am needing your guidance and support. Going through this life with the trails and tribulations I go through. Lord, help me to continue to pray this prayer. Praying for my life of the endless suffering. Praying for hurt and anger I feel inside. Praying for […]

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My Best Friend

Posted by on 1.9.17 in Poetry

There has been so many times where I needed you as my friend, No matter what the reason is, you always had my back Every time I needed to talk, vent or cry you always understood You always put me first if I needed you to be there, I appreciate your unconditional friendship it showed […]

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Don’t Make a Sound

Posted by on 12.10.16 in Poetry

Nothing but dead silence in the air, as you hear the whispers of the wind wrestling in the air. What do I do? The words echoing through silence of the hallways and stillness of the hard wooden floors The quietness in the air reflects a sliver of moonlight that spilled into the room, not enough […]

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The Mask…

Posted by on 12.7.16 in Poetry

Hiding behind a faded smile that constantly grins and tells nothing but lies It hides my piercing brown eyes, faded smile and tan toned cheeks Walking around like there is no care in the world To hide from a reflection I see within a mirror Day and night has passed As my time has run […]

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A Widow’s story: Her Heartache….

Posted by on 12.7.16 in Short Story

Here in the silence and empty room a single tear rolled down my face.  I didn’t try to wipe it away but the battle to remain calm, understandable, and rational was becoming futile in my head.  I sat there patiently and defenselessly just waiting as the clock continued to tick tock on the wall.  The […]

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Malia An African Queen

Posted by on 12.7.16 in Short Story

As the night grew dark so did the sky. Deep down in Kenya there was the most beautiful African girl I ever seen. This girl was a servant who lived in a small cottage on the over side of Mount Kenya. Her name was Malia which means “Queen”.  Malia had her mother’s beauty and gracious style. […]

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Decisions Into the Road Not Taken

Posted by on 8.16.16 in Poetry

Stop! Tick tock… Tick tock… Walking down the cold and dark hallway, Seeing all the doorways reflecting eerie shadows on the wall Each room contains a door that holds all choices in life Making it difficult to choose, not just one but two Traveling down “TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood” “And sorry I […]

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