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Hi, I am Andrea Sturdivant: Storyteller, Writer, Journalist, and Videographer for hire

Andrea Sturdivant| Writer| Journalist| Digital News Writer

Do you need a meticulous researcher who always meets her deadlines? Do you need a writer who has a passion and desire for reporting, investigating and writing the news? Staying on top of breaking news, policies and laws, politics, and current events. Are you looking for original content, interesting story ideas, and angles?

So, Why Should You Hire Andrea?

Andrea is a storyteller! She can convey information in a way that is easy and conversational while piecing together trustworthy sources and reporting on the latest information. She goes above and beyond to look for stories each day and plan ahead to be proactive with prewriting upcoming breaking news.

Services that are provided:


Broadcast copy: Television

News pkg| Teases| Feature writing

Broadcast script|Editorials|News articles

SOT pkg(Sound On Tape)|VO(Voice Overs)|Soundbite

Broadcast copy: Radio

News scripts|Features|Spots

ANR(Audio news releases)|PSA’s(Public Service Announcements)|Radio script

Rates: Broadcast copy Radio

News scripts $75 to $100 per script

PSA’s(Public Service Announcements) $100 to $200 per PSA