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Are you in search of writer who has excellent storytelling skills? Do you need someone who has a passion for writing, staying on top of current events, news and expert on variety of digital and social media platforms?

Writer with over five years of online journalism experience. Storyteller, personable interviewer, and creative professional with content management system experience ranging in size from small freelance projects to writing for full-scale digital media companies. Ability to bring the news to a broader audience with meticulous fact checking and thorough research of leveraging social media tools and technology.

 Storytelling, There are two ways to share knowledge, You can PUSH information out or You can PULL them in with your STORY!

To get more insight as my background as a writer my portfolio of work has been featured in several digital media companies such as Carolina Monthly, UpworkBlastingNews , WordPress,  Carolina School of BroadcastingHustle Boss Entertainment MagazineNCOnlineNews , and many more!


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