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Hi I’m Andrea Sturdivant: freelance writer, journalist and video editor for hire.

LOOKING FOR YOUR NEXT GO-TO WRITER? YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Unique, original and well-written content is the key to success for any website. I offer expert writing services on many topics.

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Writing  Rates per word  Per Hour
Blog posts/Website articles  $2.00-5.00 per word $15.00 per hour
Copywriting/Search engine optimization  $2.00-5.00 per word $15.00 per hour
Journalism  $50.00-100 per article

$2.00-5.00 per word

$15.00 per hour
Fiction  $50.00-100 per article

$2.00-5.00 per word

$15.00 per hour
Technical $2.00-5.00 per word $15.00 per hour
Social media posts  $30.00-100 per article

$2.00-5.00 per word

$15.00 per hour
Content writing $2.00-5.00 per word $15.00 per hour