Why You Should Rent a Luxury Apartment in Pembroke Pines

Apartment Search, Luxury Apartment, Renting · February 13, 2020

Pines Garden Apartments are the latest in luxury residences available for lease at Pembroke Pines. There is a reason why they are highly rated as an ideal place for taking up residence. Pines Garden Apartments are centrally located at City Center in Pembroke Pines in the State of Florida. The apartments incorporate an impeccable modern design. They are centrally located in an easy to access location that is accessible to both Miami Port and Fort Lauderdale.

The decor of Pines Garden Apartments borrows from the history of the local area and offers a sophisticated tropical garden style residence. The units are available as one two or three-bedroom apartments and include two-bedroom townhouses with attached double garage entry.

So why should you rent a luxury Pines garden apartment?

The apartments themselves

Pines Garden Apartments are a statement in luxury. Pines Garden Apartments are designed to provide a panoramic view and very well lit space. The ceilings are very high ranging from 9 feet to 10 feet making it very spacious with very good air circulation, particularly during the hot summer months. The design incorporates an in and out feel where the interior living space is extended out into the patio. So the sculptured landscaped tropical gardens feel very much like a part of the interior of the apartment.

Pines Garden Apartments incorporate impeccable architectural detail throughout its interior and exterior. The apartments were developed by a very professional and experienced design team with a worldwide renowned reputation.

As for the interior fittings, we incorporated only the highest quality stainless steel appliances acquired from the reputable Whirlpool brand. The floor is made from porcelain and the HVAC incorporates programmable thermostats to provide you with a comfortable living environment.

The kitchen incorporates granite countertops and heavy-gauge stainless steel kitchen sinks.

The neighborhood

A big component of the quality of life you will enjoy at Pines Garden Apartments is the neighborhood. These apartments are located in Broward County where you will have access to all the amenities required for luxury living. There are a lot of markets and groceries that supply fresh produce including a Walmart supercenter. You’ll also have access to a whole foods market and delis. All these are within a reasonable walking distance or commute from your Pines Garden Apartments. The area also has at least 5 large banks where you can carry out your financial transactions. There is also a very diverse dining experience with restaurants that serve cuisines from all over the world.

We also have a lot of outdoor parks where residents of Pines Garden Apartments can go out and enjoy the outdoors. Also included are golf courses.


Broward County is a high-performing school district which has award-winning County public schools. The school district is dedicated to providing high-quality education that provides children with the foundation for a successful and promising future. It is the ideal place for couples who are raising children to set up routes and provide them access to high-quality public and private schooling. Our residence at Pines Garden Apartments definitely do not regret raising their children in this safe environment.


Pines Garden Apartments comes with a lot of amenities that our residents can enjoy including a coffee bar and lounge area where they can meet up and socialize over coffee or drinks. We also have a large resort-style pool and sun deck that includes a spa which is ideal for relaxation during your downtime and you can enjoy the sun with your fellow residents or friends and family.

Outdoors, there’s a life-size chess board for chess enthusiasts who can play with the giant chess pieces. Within the residence, there are some communal areas like the media room and game room which includes state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment which can be used for watching events like sports news movies and playing video games on large TV screens.

We have concierge services on-site to provide you with discrete services and arrange for events like tours, yachting and the like.


Part of the enjoyable experience of living in a luxury apartment is the companionship you get by being surrounded by people you can relate with. You will get people who share the same culture as you. Your neighbors will give you a feeling of community making your stay there very enjoyable. People living in luxury apartments tend to have the same outlook in life making it easier to create close connections and friendships. Considering that neighbors in apartments live in close quarters, it helps when you have a lot in common with your neighbors and this might lead to even long-term friendships.


Luxury apartments cover a lot of security facets, first of all, they are generally located in safe neighborhoods eliminating threats that are typically associated with unsafe districts. Secondly, because they are managed by professional management companies, they have integrated security systems that include CCTV and professional security companies to safeguard the residents at all times. Other security measures will include swipe in entry to limit entry to only authorized residents and personnel. This high level of security will definitely provide you with peace of mind when you live at Pines Garden Apartments.

Low Maintenance 

The developers of luxury Pines Garden Apartments use quality materials that are designed to last longer. They are built to withstand very heavy use and provide a long life of service. This leads to a reduction of the long-term maintenance costs and besides it is very easy to see the quality of a material that has been used in a building. Investing in high-quality materials leads to a higher return on investment in the long run because we don’t have to worry about maintenance costs. For a tenant in a luxury apartment, the low maintenance means less disturbance from the maintenance crew and fewer interruptions. It also means that there’s a lower failure rate of the appliances in the apartment.

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