Whisk Away To North Carolina’s Top Vacation Spots

Carolina Monthly

CAROLINA MONTHLY|Written by Andrea Sturdivant|May 12, 2017

Each year millions of vacationers flock to the beautiful shores of North Carolina to bask in the warm sand and dazzling sea.

If you’re looking for a place that is identical to the Caribbean beaches with soft breeze and beautiful scenery come whisk yourself away to North Carolina’s top five vacation spots.

Hatteras Island

Come drive to the coast to the outer banks to take in the ocean breeze, peaceful atmosphere and enjoy fun in the sun of a trip of fishing. On Cape Hatteras Island you will find exactly that.

Take a trip full of surfing and scuba diving. Go beyond great seafood restaurants of enjoying a delicious plate of oysters and shrimp.

Take a walk on the beach with a friend or someone special to watch the beautiful gorgeous sunsets.


Every traveler will have his or her own favorite destination in the Outer Banks, and for many that place is Corolla. This town is known for its wide beaches that are equally perfect for serious relaxation or some fun-filled family time.

Corolla is a seasonal North Carolina beach oasis filled with charming oceanfront local golf courses, hiking trails, and delicious seafood restaurants.


The Outer Banks isn’t the only place in North Carolina worthy of a vacation. Take Boone located in the Blue Ridge Mountains is noted for having a blue tint, especially seen from a distance.

The trees around the mountains release isoprene into the atmosphere to create the stunning blue haze. Many travelers are drawn here for high country fun including horseback riding, hiking, and whitewater rafting.

Lake Gaston

Leave the hustle and stress at home to take a trip to Lake Gaston, a peaceful lake where adventure and relaxation meet. Families can spend days soaking up the sun on the lakefront.

You can take your pick of indulging in a range of activities from hiking to boating to water skiing and more.

Topsail Island

Travelers looking for an Atlantic coastal destination with a long list of activities should check out Topsail Island. Here, you will find very mild temperatures year-round, beautiful shimmering waters that wash over Topsail Island beaches.

People can enjoy many activities such as kayaking and boating along the Intercoastal Waterway.

Any worries you have, leave them behind while you take a trip to one of North Carolina’s favorite vacation spots.

Whatever your preference is the Blue Ridge Mountains or Topsail Island you’ll find it along the expansive coast of North Carolina.


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