Two NC High School Athletes Awarded 2016 All-District Honors

Andrea Sturdivant|Tuesday April 26, 2016

Jordan Matthews High School

Mateen Brothers, Rahim Mateen and Rahman Mateen with their Coach PJ Lowman.

Two Jordan Matthews High School Boys Varsity Basketball Team, two of their players were introduced as the 2016 All-District Honors.

The Mateen Brothers, Rahim Mateen and Rahman Mateen, 12th graders received the All-District Honors from the North Carolina Basketball Coaches Association (NCBA). Rahim Mateen received the award of being Player of the Year of Jordan-Matthews High School and their coach PJ Lowman received Coach of the Year award.

The Jordan-Matthews Boys Varsity Basketball Team participate in the North Carolina Basketball Coaches Association (NCBA). The NCBA 2015-2016 Men’s District is made up of 12 Districts. Jordan-Matthews High School participated in the conference as District 8.

District 8 of the NCBA covered counties of Chatham, Randolph, Lee, Harnett, Montgomery, Stanly, Moore, Richmond, Anson and Scotland Counties.

In the NCBA conference, District 8 was composed of three teams, the 1st team Jordan-Matthews Rahim Mateen and Rahman Mateen, 12th graders, Pinecrest-Brandon Harrell, 12th grader, North Stanly-Stephen Misenheimer, 12th grader and Asheboro-Tazmine Dunn.

The 2nd and 3rd teams were Asheboro-Emmanuel Jones, 12th grader, Eastern Randolph-Cole Cheek and Jordan Watt 12th graders, Southern Lee-Noah Millette, 12th grader and Southwestern Randolph-Ethan Walker, 11th grader. Lastly the 3rd team was Scotland County-Willie Douglas and Niem Ratliffe, 12th and 10th graders, Pinecrest-Donnie Haith, 11th grader, Southwestern Randolph-Brandon Dunn, 12th grader and Eastern Randolph-Silas Headen, 12th grader.

Jordan-Matthews High School Boys’ basketball team played a fantastic season ending with 23-6 season. 12th grader Rahim Mateen played 16.3 pts/game and had 6 rebs/game while his brother 12th grader Rahman Mateen played 15.4 pts/game had 3 rebs/game and 2 assists.

Click Here For More Information about the NC BASKETBALL COACHES ASSOCIATION 2015-16 MEN’S ALL DISTRICT


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