Turn Your Backyard into A Victorian Garden

In the summer turning or expanding your backyard into a Victorian garden can make you feel as if you have an entire yard — has transformed into your own luxurious paradise or can convert a boring backyard into a verdant jungle. Whether you have a small backyard or acres we encourage you to say “no” to boring landscape designs! Why would you get the same old-boring and dull landscape like all of your neighbors have?

Orlando Brick Paver Installers have created some of the most elegant and lush landscape designs in Central Florida, and we can do the same for your property! A custom landscape design adds curb appeal as well as comfort and utility to your property. The landscape design in your outdoor areas is important extensions of your home and your home’s value.

When you step outside, you and your family should feel just as welcome as if you were stepping into your own living room. Why not try a variety of garden paving materials, such as basket weave pattern, traditional brick paving in a herringbone or a mosaic of cobblestones? We’ve put all-hands-on-deck to find you the very best ideas for a Victorian garden to suit your backyard…

Which material is best for your landscape? Stone, Concrete or Brick Orlando brick pavers patio Can Help You Decide

Trying to decide which material is best for your landscape can be quite difficult. However, do not allow the style of your garden or the dominating architecture determine what paving material you will use. Any material, whether it is stone pavers, tile, concrete or brick, can be made to fit any given situation, if it is in the hands of someone who is able to handle it artistically.

See How Flagstone or Stone pavers Are the Best to Use

However, stone or flagstone pavers are generally the most preferable material, as it harmonizes more readily than any other, both in color and texture, with the bloom and foliage of the garden. Random stone paving is suitable for people who have small backyard landscapes with random pattern paths. Where a suitable stone paver is not obtainable or where the preference lies with brick pavers, the brick will be found to be susceptible to various interesting treatments. The same may be said of tile pavers, of which there is a great variety both in size and color.

Let Us Give You a Landscape Design Consultation with Orlando brick pavers cost

We will provide you a computerized 2D layout of what your house will look like with the new landscape. We’ll discuss options to stay within your budget. We have a variety of pavers design ideas, especially for stone or brick Victorian gardens designed for your backyards.

Make a Mini Retaining Walls or a Fence to Brighten Up Your Backyard with Orlando retaining wall

We’ve landscape design experts that will collaborate with you to create the outdoor sanctuary of your dreams that will last for many years to come. Use bricks or Orlando Brick Paver Installers pavers one lying flat another upright to create a simple brick garden edge fencing, retain wall, vertical garden or a “mini brick wall garden for your backyard and provide a clear separation from the lawn edge.

Create a Focal Point with Orlando outdoor living

This is a simple landscaping idea but a visually appealing use of brick pavers and stone in the garden. We make sure we use bricks to create a focal point and not for use as a walkway. Many times, unique looks can be created by simply raising the plants or creating different levels. Do you need more beauty to add a splash of elegance? Why not add some stones to set things off for your garden!

Take Your Landscape Designs to the Next Level with Orlando seat wall

Do you want to try something new for your backyard? Why not make a garden bench from bricks to add some personality to your yard? Enjoy a cool day outside by sitting down, relaxing and enjoying the view from your garden bench. Some bricks and boards or a nice slab of wood… and you have a beautiful garden bench.

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