Andrea NicolePublished on: 13 August 2016 

Cyber attacks: they want what you’ve got. Don’t give it to them, and don’t let them have it.

Hacker typing on a laptop with binary code in background

Often time when we are surfing the web, doing daily activities on the #internet, listening to music online, we may not realize that our actions online put ourselves, our families, and even our country at risk. In order to learn about the dangers of being online and taking action to protect ourselves is a step in making the internet a secure place for anybody. According to, cyber attack is an attempt by hackers to destroy or damage a computer network or system.

Price of privacy: protect with encryption against cyber attacks
There has been a lot of talk about encryption and why it’s essential to keeping your information safe. However, there has been tremendous data breaches at major corporations. One corporation who had a data breach was Anthem last year in 2015, 80 million people who were employees and patients were affected exposing their personal information such as social security numbers, income data, and employment information. In January 2015 according to, colossal health care corporation Anthem was informed of a cyber attack on its IT system that happened over several weeks that started in December 2014. The data information that was stolen was personal information of patient’s and employee’s social security numbers. However the company does not presume that banking information or credit cards were jeopardized.
In 2014 according to, there were 11 data breaches that stung US consumers, ebay had a data breach in 2014 that occurred between late February and early March jeopardizing customer names, email addresses, encrypted passwords, phone numbers, dates of birth and physical addresses. However according to eBay no financial records were stolen.

Warning: efficient mobile app stops encryption
However there is a major problem the internet was not under any condition assembled for security. Although experts say there is a efficient on-the-go mobile Gabriel app that helps with security and personal privacy. The app is available at the Apple app store as well as the Google play store. The app costs between $10-15 per year, with the benefit from relentless CIA encryption #technology that will protect anything including email, talk, video chat and even documents or sharing pictures.

Gabriel mobile-to-go app
The Gabriel mobile app is an outstanding app that when you’re online no one will be able to detect or see, ambush,or hear your communications except for the party you’re in contact with. #cyberattacks

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