Andrea Sturdivant|Friday April 15, 2016

The Panthers will kick off their 2016 regular season will start just like the playoffs ended in February.

There will be a Super Bowl 50 rematch of the Panthers and Broncos that will open on Thursday night, Sept. 8 in Denver.  The Broncos won by 24-10.  That’s the first five primetime games featuring the dominating NFC champs.

Since 1970 it is the first Super Bowl rematch on an opening weekend, when Minnesota beat champion Kansas City 27-10.
Panthers Coach Ron Rivera said, “It’s inspiring for our players to compete on a national stage.  We have earned the right to be in the limelight and we have to take advantage of it.”

The Panthers hurdled over the Seahawks on the way to the Big Game, they will get a shot at retribution on Sunday Night Football in early December.  This will be the seventh meeting between the two divisions over a four-year period.
On Monday night football the Carolina Panthers will play twice.  They’ll host Tampa Bay in October and visit Washington on MNF in December.  On Thursday there will be a second game against New Orleans.
The Panthers will have a mainstream stretch that will look exceptionally alarming with three west coast trips over a five-week period.  That mainstream stretch includes Seattle, which will certainly be stressful.

The regular football season ends on Christmas Eve against the Falcons.

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