Andrea NicolePublished on: 20 September 2016 

Bella Love open mic night: sing, perform, speak and express your creativity

come-out-and-enjoy-great-music-dancing-and-amazing-performances-at-the-next-open-mic-night-https-www-flickr-com-photos-nordr-8050063111_872103Cornelius-NC: One of the most gratifying things about #Music is going out and experiencing different venues such as Open mic nights, Jazz festivals and music festivals. While experiencing these venues and listening to different genres of music, there are seldom occasions when you can appreciate those moments. The most gratifying thing about open micnights is experiencing how music touches your mind, soul and everything around you. Where there is music it is truly a welcoming and delightful surprise waiting for you when you get to the door.

One welcoming and delightful surprise is the Bella Love, Inc open mic night at the Kadi Fit from 6:30-9:30pm every 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month located in Cornelius, NC. The Bella Love, Inc open mic night at Kadi Fit is at 19725 Oak St suite 3, right in the heart of the historic downtown Cornelius, NC. Historic downtown Cornelius is a picturesque and extraordinary Oak Street cotton mill where people reminisce on what historic downtown Cornelius small town life use to hold and be like. Bella Love, Inc open mic night at Kadi Fit featured amazing music and craftsmanship of wonderful artwork of artists, poets, and musicians.

Grooving into the music!

The open mic night kicked off into a spectacular and groovy scene where several performers brought down the house with their amazing music. Timmy Fasano one of Bella Love, regular performers at the open mic night described the scene as Groove.

“Groove!!! I feel that is anything that I love always come from a place of that. Just like a feel of a groove. That always seems to be the center of anything I tend to gravitate towards too. I feel like that is what people relate to a lot of the times,” said Timmy Fasano.

When you walk into the Kadi Fit open mic night the music greets you with a conveyed acoustic that reaches to the door and beckons people to stop in and listen to different genres of music. Once you’re inside the Kadi Fit open mic night the acoustic is so captivating, delivering across an abundant group of listeners who are music fans and performers who have come to play for music lovers.

Music creating a spark

The crowd at Bella Love’s Kadi Fit open mic night had outstanding performances by several musicians such as Heather Dunlap Carter, Nickolas Clapham and Matthew Coleman delivered an stellar performance. The passionate performance and exquisite vocal melodies of Matthew Coleman’s passion for music sparked his interest a year ago. “Music lets you express your emotions like there is always a song that describes exactly what you’re feeling so it is just great because you can always tell a story or tell how you are feeling through music so that is what I love about it, said Matthew Coleman.

Dynamic support of the community’s energy blazing on stage

The community’s support of the Kadi Fit open mic night at the historic Oak Street Mill downtown Cornelius.was extraordinary. The stellar performances of themusicians Eric Fellner, Daniel Arthur Gurley and Mike Murphy left the audience on the edge of their seats wanting more.

Music that turned to inspiration

There is something missing from many open mic nights but a captivated audience who came to watch and enjoy great music while listening to many musicians performances was well satisfied. There were many great performances that seemed very stimulating. One inspiring performance was  by Kevin Goodwin with his smooth and astonishing instrumental on the piano. Kevin’s dedication to music inspired him to create and perform at Bella Love. “For me I just felt that it could happen really quickly as soon as I started playing I knew that I just wanted to write songs and create music,” said Kevin Goodwin.”

Bella Love Kadi Fit open mic night has been one of the most exciting I have been to. I greatly speak highly of this venue. It is worth coming to the historic Oak Street Mill downtown Cornelius to check out their amazing talent of local musicians, artists and performers.

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