NC Online NewsAndrea Sturdivant|Monday April 18, 2016

Infant Remains found under home
Police in Smithfield are investigating after they say multiple bags of human child remains were found under a house. 4:11 PM – 18 Apr 2016 · Smithfield, NC Photo of abc11

SMITHFIELD, NC-The police have found the body of at least one infant that was found in the tunnel space of a Smithfield home over the weekend, according to a court order released Monday.

Authorities say, James Morgan, who resides in the tenanted home with his mother, Pamela McBride, who was transporting a cable under the house, at 102 Hartley Drive, when Morgan found couple garbage bags in the tunnel space Saturday afternoon.  When Morgan looked to see what was inside one of the bags, he catches a glimpse of what he thought were human remains, so he and his mother called the police.

A Johnston County medical examiner and Smithfield police later affirmed the body of an infant were in one of the garbage bags.  According to the letter for a court order to search the house and neighboring property, towels were bundled around the body, which were planted inside three garbage bags.

According to neighbor Tozziana Salazar said, “You would discover it in the news from other locations and then, approached to it being so nearby, it’s very unsettling.”

According to the court order application, McBride told the authorities that her daughter, who use to reside in the home, has struggled drug addiction and tried to conceal several pregnancies.  McBride said her daughter often would disclaim being pregnant in the first place and then wouldn’t clarify what had occurred to the baby after she had given birth to the child.  McBride expressly attributed a 2005 incident when her pregnant daughter sealed herself in the restroom for a few hours.  Family members later uncovered a “path of blood” and believed the baby had been delivered, even though the child was nowhere to be detected.

According to the court order application, McBride has guardianship of two of her grandchildren, a 8-month-old boy and a 7-year-old girl.  Another child was given up for adoption at birth.  McBride believed her daughter had been pregnant about ten times.

When authorities searched the home, they apprehended the two garbage bags and the body that was found under the house, a bottle of prenatal vitamins, many Department of Social Services messages postmarked to the daughter and molded grocery bags from a cold storage that contained a phone and other general items.

The body of the infant have been sent to the State Medical Examiner’s Office in Raleigh.

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