North Carolina University Reevaluating a Case after Police Officer Handcuffed Assault Victim

NC Online NewsAndrea Sturdivant| Friday March 25, 2016

A North Carolina University is handling a private review after a white police officer handcuffed a black man who just been viciously beaten by four white people.

Chancellor Steve Ballard said Thursday in a statement to his students, East Carolina Officials were astounded by the matter, which had occurred off campus, but overturned onto the university when the man who ran from the beating was caught and attacked again near a dining hall.

Chancellor Ballard said in his statement, “We understand the inquiry this far provides no affirmation that race played a lead.  We foresee that to be predicament and advise our community and campus to let the work procedure occur.”

Greenville Police said in a news release, the occurrence happened on March 17 when Patrick Myrick punched a woman in the face.

Officials say a lot of people began to attack Myrick, chase him and beat him up again.  Myrick had to be taken to the hospital, he suffered crucial injuries.

Officials say three of the white suspects have been arrested.  Mark Privette, 33, Mack Humbles, 26; and Theresa Marie Lee, 25 all three are charged with assault administering bodily harm and felony.  It is unknown if any of the three suspects had lawyers to speak on their behalf.

Police are searching for the fourth suspect.  According to the school Lee was an East Carolina student but is no longer enrolled as a student.

The East Carolina Police Department is presiding over an internal review of the officer who handcuffed Myrick.  The Police didn’t disclose the officer’s name but said he is on leave and not on campus of the university.

The authorities are currently analyzing the videotape of the incident and said the officer did not use any violence towards Myrick.

Officials say under North Carolina law, police officers can’t charge Myrick with punching a woman in the face because they have to see the crime take place for an offense.  The authorities say the woman involved in the incident told officers that she wants to get arrest warrant against Myrick.

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