NC Officer Gets Shot in Jail Booking Area by Suspect

NC Online NewsAndrea Sturdivant| Tuesday March 22, 2016

Police said Monday a North Carolina Police Officer was shot by a snooping suspect in the booking area of the county jail.

Police Officials say the City of Durham voiced in a news release on early Monday that Durham police Officer R.S. Turner discovered the suspect reaching for his gun in his back pants after unlocking his handcuffs in the booking area of the Durham County Detention Facility.

Authorities said 44-year-old Danny McMillen and Officer Turner tackled over the gun, firing off once as the bullet grazed Turner’s abdomen.  Turner has been released from the hospital.

Investigators say, Turner was responding to a pepping call when he arrested McMillen about 90 minutes earlier.

McMillen is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon on government official, secret pepping, and other charges.  It is unclear if he had a lawyer.

Durham County Sheriff’s Office Spokeswoman said the shooting happened outside the secure boundary of the detention facility in an area where each law enforcement agency provides it owns security.  Spokeswoman said a Detention officer helped Durham police in an pursuit to control the suspect.

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