Benoit Law Firm, PLLC

It’s 9 a.m., you overslept and now you’re rushing to get ready for work because you have an important meeting. You jump in your car to drive to the office and have every intention of driving safely and obeying the speed limit and other traffic laws. However, within minutes of merging onto the highway, you’ve already checked your emails on your iPhone, made three calls to your office, fiddled around with your car’s radio, spilled ice coffee on your suit while trying to eat your breakfast and sent a text message to your spouse.

You might not realize it, but you’re a distracted driver.

Distracted driving is any activity from checking emails to daydreaming that takes your attention away from the road. In everyday driving however, distractions are common. From talking with the passengers in your car, to eating, to turning around to check on your bickering children or crying baby, distracted driving endangers your life, your passengers, pedestrians and others who are on the road.

Distracted driving is a deadly epidemic on the nation’s roads, causing at least 3,450 deaths and nearly 391,000 injuries in 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Nearly 481,000 drivers are using cell phones while driving on a daily basis.

Help make sure that you, your loved ones and others on the road are safe as they travel. Driving is a great privilege, but with that privilege also comes great responsibility.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in the Charlotte area, please call Benoit Law Firm or #TEXTDEX 877-DEX-LAW9 (877) 335-5299. Our team of experienced injury attorneys and dedicated staff will ensure you get the answers you need and help you through this difficult process.

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