Andrea Sturdivant|Wednesday, May 11, 2016


CHARLOTTE, N.C.- There’s a connection of courage hidden within our community that most people assume to ignore. Many people belittle this connection of courage, focusing on their past rather than bringing out their potential. However, buried in plain sight, all through our community, convicts are making our community more fitting for them and all of us.

When many convicts return to society they feel judged and reminded of the bad decisions they made. King of Kings House is a faith-based non-profit organization that provides a safe drug free environment to men who are in need of a second chance.

King of Kings help those in need especially men who are exiting out of prison. They specialize in immediate referral services for low-cost living, personal living space and helping men to adapt to drug-free environments.

King of Kings help men build long lasting relationships with God, family and friends as well as themselves. Their goal is to strengthen hope to individuals whose lives have collapsed briefly and have found themselves homeless. King of Kings team up with many organizations that give job training, interpersonal development and job skills.

The organizations that team up with King of Kings, My Father’s Choice Ministries help provide transitional housing to men while providing character development. Miracle House of Hope is a transitional housing company organized to teach discipline and life management. Lastly MFC International is tailored to developing men through the workforce development and job attainment.

“My boyfriend went through this program and has since gone back to school to become an engineer, said Anna R.”

King of Kings goal is to influence as many men as they can possibly who are determined about making a positive change in their lives.

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