Huge explosion in St. Petersburg Metro Station


Andrea Sturdivant|Published on: 3 April 2017 

The blast kills at least 10 people in the station while injuring 20 people

Explosion in St Petersburg metro in Russia, 10 killed and dozens ... -

On Monday ten people were killed and 20 people were injured when a #Bomb ruptured through a subway train in St. Petersburg, Russia. According to the Investigative Committee, Russia’s federal criminal investigation agency, the blast happened on a subway train that was headed toward Technology Institute from Sennaya Square stations. According to Russian news media, authorities were in search of a man who was recorded on surveillance cameras around the attack who authorities thought to have been involved in the attack, which coincided with a visit to the city by President Vladimir Putin.

What Russian news outlets reported

According to several Russian news outlets, the bomb was packed with shrapnel and was probably a homemade device. Veronika Skvortsova, health minister announced on Russia’s television live that ten people had died, seven people in the subway system, one person was heading en route to a hospital and two other people died while they were being transported and admitted to an emergency room.

A country in mourning and remaining vigilant

Georgy Poltavchenko the governor of St. Petersburg announced to the city that there would be a three-day period of mourning that would start on Tuesday. The explosion of the subway train occurred before the evening rush hour in St. Petersburg. After the bast occurred security around Moscow Metro added extra security to their subway train and major airports. President #Vladimir Putin addressed in a televised statement shortly after the blast happened, saying he had spoken with leaders of special services, law enforcement authorities and the Federal Security Service, who said “they would do everything they can to find out the causes of what had happened in the subway train of St. Petersburg.”

Images all over the internet skyrocketed social media

When the blast happened images started showing up on social media showing people who were badly injured from the explosion and damaged subway car after the blast. Certain social media images circulated on the internet showing a video of the blast and a train at a platform in Teknologichesky Institut station with a hole that was blown into its side. Pictures skyrocketed on social media showing a number of casualties and people injured in the blast, according to the BBC European news report.

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