Heroic Boy Killed in Hit and Run accident


Published: Wednesday, November 4th 2015, 12:00 pm EDT|Written by Andrea Sturdivant

A family is feeling heartbroken after losing their son.  LaDarious Wylie was hit by a car while waiting for school bus in Chester, South Carolina.  The family is shocked by this tragic incident.

“We can’t really say what’s gonna lie ahead says Felicia Mobley Wylie’s aunt .”

There is an appreciation for the person LaDarious was-He was full of energy, caring, lovable and smart young man.


“We’re just dealing with it on a daily basis,says Felicia Mobley Wylie’s aunt.”

His little sister Shavonte right there behind her aunt and a couple of other kids were standing near corner of Dye and Ashford waiting for a school bus last Tuesday morning when a car-for some reason-swerved toward the kids.

According to the children-at that moment-11 year old LaDarious took on the role of Hero…

“Yes he did.  Yes he did says, Felicia Mobley Wylie’s aunt.”

In LaDarious final act he pushed his little sister out of the way.  It happened just cornerwise from his house.


“In other words he saved his sister and he ended up being the one where he is now, says  Felicia Mobley Wylie’s aunt.”

So much about vibrant Ashford Street would never be the same.  Across the street that’s yards away a memorial.  The wreath outside hanging on the family’s home.

Imagine walking out the door everyday and how painful it must be to look across the street.

Still, there’s innocence about Ashford Street.  A park where kids and LaDarious spent a lot of time, playing, played a lot of basketball.  So family, friends and neighbors would like to see the park given new life in LaDarious’ name.  They’re trying to get a petition started.

“So what we’re trying to do is get it rebuild and turn it into recreation center for the kids so they don’t have to be playing all out. They can be inside.”To rename the old Brooklyn School in memory of LaDarious says,  Felicia Mobley Wylie’s aunt.”

In a quick second that Tuesday morning… The vibrant Ashford Street changed.

But the hope is-the story of the little boy who courageously put his sister’s life before his own-will always live.

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