Andrea Sturdivant|Thursday April 28, 2016

Allen Montague ArtistRALEIGH, NC-The Flea Market Trade show featured the amazing craftsmanship of the Allen Montague Collectors Corner at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds this weekend.  The Flea Market Trade show featured many fine works of Allen Montague’s Collectors Corner of custom handmade knives and beautiful acrylic artwork.

Allen Montague Collectors Corner showcased many artworks that is nostalgia, abstract, expressionistic, figurative expressionism, nautical, impressionistic and pet portraits of different designs.

Montague’s Collectors Corner showcased many artworks such as expressionistic of jazz band playing music, abstract of acrylic oil-based colors, figurative expressionism of acrylic painting of a woman named Julia, nautical painting of lighthouse on the beach with sailboats and Pet portraits of Golden Retriever.

Montague’s collectors corner also showcased custom handmade knives made with different types of steels.  Montague’s knives are made of a solid block of high quality, stainless or carbon heat tempered steel.  The Knives have a unique handle design that is hand painted design to your own specifications or embellished with one of Montague’s designs.

Montague’s collectors corner cap off their knives with a beautiful handmade Coach leather sheath, which is custom made for each blade and that the knife will be a great gift for a friend or yourself never to be forgotten.  Hence, the name, “The Heirloom Knife”.

Montague’s inspiration for the “The Heirloom Knife” embarked on his passion for making custom handmade knives.  As a professional designer and artist for many years, Allen Montague created numerous designs and products seen across the United States.

“I wanted to create something that could be passed down through the generations.  Hence, “The Heirloom Knife”.  Since I have a son, daughter, and two grandsons who are all avid sportsmen, knives seemed like the answer, said Montague.”

Before Allen Montague started the collectors corner he started doing Rock ‘n’ Roll and spent 30 years doing art in galleries from Virginia to North Carolina.  Montague did a cooking show that was televised on Fox and Time Warner Cable for 7 years that showcased 320 shows.

Artist Information:

Allen Montague



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