CMPD investigates West Charlotte shooting


Published: Monday, October 19th 2015, 3:49 pm EDT|Written by Andrea Sturdivant

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -After hearing a shooting in West Charlotte last Saturday, police have arrested and charged two people in the death of a young man.  The community is concerned about the recent shootings happening around in the Charlotte area.

“I’ve never seen something like that in my life.” I just don’t understand. I mean life is too short.  These kids need to get it together, says Monique Williams, West Charlotte resident.”

Police have charged Montreal Forman, 25, and Shawn Joneal Savage, 27, are facing murder charges in the death of 29-year-old Robert Griffin. Neighbors tell us they are concerned.

“I was out and about last night with my daughters and came back around like 12:00 or 12:30, I come in and everything was blocked off says Monique Williams, West Charlotte resident.”

Police say gunfire erupted on Davis Avenue after the men argued over a card game.  We’ve learned children inside the home may have heard and see the violence, but police say they are physically okay.

“It needs to stop, it really needs to stop, it’s not worth it, and it’s not worth somebody’s life or yours for foolishness. I was here by myself because my kids weren’t here. I was like Oh Lord do I have to move, says Monique Williams, West Charlotte resident.”

As for the accused shooters, Forman went to jail after being treated in the hospital for a gunshot wound.  Police say Savage ran, but was caught a short time later.  Now community members are calling for peace.

“The violence among young people needs to stop.”  People are dying every day and it needs to stop says Monique Williams, West Charlotte resident.  “

The police are asking the public if they have any additional information that could help in this investigation to call crime stoppers.

The police and community are feeling emotional heartache of this recent shooting.

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