Charlotte Knights Pay Tribute To Jackie Robinson And Honor Negro League

Carolina Monthly

Carolina Monthly|April 22, 2017| Andrea Sturdivant


On Tuesday, the Charlotte Knights honored the great legacy of the Negro Leagues at BB&T Ballpark stadium.

Five former Negro League players will take in festivities of greeting fans, signing autographs, and throwing out Baseball ceremonial first pitches.

Former Negro League player, Eddie “G.G.” Burton, Charlotte resident quoted to local news station WCNC “It means an awful lot. I give a lot of credit to teams like the Charlotte Knights, who have chosen to honor us here at the ball field.”

Knights Honor Jackie Robinson

Eddie “G.G.” Burton played for the Harrisburg Giants from 1947-1955. The Knights also paid tribute and celebrated Jackie Robinson breaking important milestone of baseball’s color barrier in April of 1947 which took place 70 years ago. At BB&T Ballpark the Knights also welcomed the Negro League historians having artifacts, featured photos and historical displays. The Charlotte Knights players got the opportunity to meet the former Negro League players.

Charlotte’s Historic Roots

Burton quoted to local news station WCNC, “People and players don’t believe some of the stories that I tell them. Because the game it’s nothing like it is today. The guys don’t know how truly lucky they are.”

Charlotte has great historical roots within its history, it was once home to some of the most famous and prominent Negro League Baseball teams in the Eastern United States. Some of the teams names were The Red Socks, the Charlotte Pepsi and the Charlotte Black Hornets. According to the Center for Negro League Baseball says the Charlotte Black Hornets were the most famous of the minor league teams.

Best Night of the Season

The Charlotte Knights open their doors at 6p.m. at BB&T Ballpark on Tuesday’s game. Tuesday the Knights returned home to the ballpark stadium where they played their best baseball of their season. The Knights ended their great night beating the Pawtucket Red Sox by a score of 3-1 in their opening game. The team’s win improved the team’s record to 5-0 at BB&T Ballpark in Uptown Charlotte yesterday evening.

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