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Terra Firma is the new solo instrumental album by Australian artist and guitarist Joe Matera.  The album features various guest musicians, providing a sensational contemporary sound that, if I’m being honest, gave me a completely new appreciation for instrumental music.

As much as I’ve found I usually rely on lyrics, this album makes it clear that music can be just as good standing on its own.  What I really enjoyed about Terra Firma is that you can really feel the raw emotions that come with each new note. 

For me, listening to music has always had a way of clearing my mind and making me feel calmer and more relaxed.  When listening to Matera’s latest album I immediately discovered that this was no exception, and that I’d found a new genre of music that I would love to listen to on a daily basis. Terra Firma is a beautiful form of art and healing that gives the listener that emotional response that we all crave with music.

Among some of the stand out tracks for me were “Night Flight” and “Terra Firma.” These songs offered a hidden message for me that provided strong emotional melodies and wonderful guitar work that delivered a melody that is both soft, yet full of raw emotion.

You can check out his music, purchase a CD of ‘Terra Firma’ or buy concert tickets here.

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