10 Reasons To Love The Great State Of North Carolina

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10 Reasons To Love The Great State Of North Carolina

Written by Andrea Sturdivant

North Carolina is filled with many beautiful attractions, fun activities to do with family and friends, fantastic restaurants, diners and is known as Music paradise.

You’ll find North Carolinians who love everything and anything in the Tar Heel state. North Carolina is known for its Southern hospitality, great food of biscuits and gravy, kind and polite southern roots of talk saying y’all, yes ma’am, suga’ and darlin’ and sports madness of NASCAR, Duke Blue Devils, NC Tar Heels, and the Carolina Panthers.

Nearly everywhere in North Carolina is home to something especially the best reasons why we love the Tarheel state. But with so many to choose from – how does one even choose? Well, these 10 stellar reasons why native North Carolinians love the Tar Heel State.

Sweet Tea (Southern Hospitality)

In North Carolina, you won’t find a native Carolinian who doesn’t love sweet tea. There’s nothing like a big jug or pitcher of sweet tea to cool you off on a hot summer’s day. Sit down, relax, have a cold glass of sweet tea, while enjoying the view from your front porches and just enjoying the laid-back and quiet way of life.

Southern Biscuits N’ Gravy (Like Grandma Used to Make)

There is nothing like smelling the great taste of fresh buttermilk biscuits and gravy like Grandma use to make. North Carolinians have a deep love of fresh, soft and homemade buttermilk biscuits and gravy. There has been generations of generations passing down that mouth-watering recipe to their children and grandkids.

They’re not limited to any one meal, biscuits and gravy are good for anytime for breakfast with eggs, grits and sausage, lunch with fried chicken and dinner with liver, cube steak or rice.

North Carolina Barbecue

As you probably already know barbecue in North Carolina means only one thing: a true battle of east vs. west. Lexington barbecue has earned its reputation as the best-known barbecue joints here in barbecue heaven. There is the tangy and sweet‌ vinegar-based Lexington Style vs. the lighter vinegar, but still sweet, eastern style. You just have to pick a side.

Breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains

The Outer Banks isn’t the only place in North Carolina worthy of a vacation. Take Boone located in the Blue Ridge Mountains is noted for having a blue tint, especially seen from a distance. The trees around the mountains release isoprene into the atmosphere to create the stunning blue haze. Many travelers are drawn here for high country fun including horseback riding, hiking, and whitewater rafting.

Beautiful Hatteras Island Beach

Come drive to the coast to the outer banks to take in the ocean breeze, peaceful atmosphere and enjoy fun in the sun of a trip of fishing. On Cape Hatteras Island North Carolinians will find exactly that. Take a trip full of surfing and scuba diving. Go beyond great seafood restaurants of enjoying a delicious plate of oysters and shrimp. Take a walk on the beach with a friend or someone special to watch the beautiful gorgeous sunsets.

Historic Landmark Battleship North Carolina

Walk the decks of the marvelous Battleship North Carolina near downtown Wilmington for an intimate reminder of the sacrifice and bravery of the young men who served on this 728-foot ship during World War II, earning it 15 battle stars. The Battleship North Carolina is moored along Cape Fear River across from the Wilmington Riverwalk, a scenic boardwalk with shops, restaurants and museums.

North Carolina has a treasure chest full of places where history was made and still comes alive. North Carolina’s state historic sites offer unique glimpses into our past and collectively tell the story of our state from Native Indian settlers to per-colonial times to World War II. We welcome you to experience them all.

College Basketball Rivalry: UNC vs. Duke

There is no other college basketball rivalry quite like UNC vs. Duke. Life literally pauses during the ACC Tournament. You won’t find more passionate, proud fans anywhere else like native North Carolinians.

Home Of The Carolina Panthers

Nothing gets a Carolinian going then a Panthers tailgate! Panthers tailgate is an absolute blast! The buzz, State’s sport’s spirit and crowd interaction is nothing seen compared to game day action.


North Carolina is NASCAR country. We have the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the NASCAR Technical Institute, the NASCAR Racing experience and the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Next to college basketball and NFL team of Carolina Panthers, the NASCAR racing is big thrill with North Carolinians!

Hollywood On The East Coast

North Carolina is labeled as the go-to destination of Hollywood on the East coast. North Carolina is a favorite destination for filmmakers and TV productions. North Carolina has been featured in popular TV shows like Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill and Sleepy Hollow were all shot in Wilmington. Hunger Games fans can visit the actual District 12 in Black Mountain, Safe Haven and Dear John were shot in NC as well.

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