God’s Tears

One of these days God is going to step down from his mighty throne

He will be coming to claim us for His own

Some will be regretting the life they’ve had

As God sorts the good from the bad

The trumpets will sound with praise and the angels will dance

Drowning out the sorrowful and guilty cries for just one more chance

The skies will darken as God’s word is spoken

As God’s heart seems to be broken

All his angels will fall in place their lives filled already with His grace

As God’s tears begin to roll down his face

They’ll fade away walking hand in hand as a glorious light reveals the Holy Kingdom of the Promise land

I know God wouldn’t want to leave them behind

He will cry for those who decieved him

At the front of the line is where I want to be

Walking into heaven’s doors being greeted by family and friends

I want to rejoice in Eternity with my Holy Father in the Holy Kingdom of the Promise Land

News Talk 11-10 WCSB

This is News Talk 11-10 WCSB. I’m Andrea Sturdivant.

Today in Breaking News, CMS: Teenager charged in connection with sharing of 75 nude photos online

A Charlotte Area teen is being charged in connection with the sharing of 75 nude photos online at Bailey Middle School.  CMS police said they’re investigating who used the photo-share website Drop box to post 75 nude photos of middle and high school girls in early February.  Sources say that some of the girls are as young as 14.  Some parents at Bailey Middle School are shocked that something like this would happen.

In other news, PRIVACY VERSUS OBSCENE WITHIN YOUR OWN HOME, Details when we return.

Naked Neighbor in Charlotte, NC upsets Neighbors and Citizens

Residents in the Cardinal Glen neighborhood are outraged after seeing a neighbor constantly standing naked in his home with the front door open.  Neighbors said the man has been standing naked at his front door several times a week for the last ten years.  They have called the police, but CMPD cannot do anything about it.  The reason is because legally the man is technically inside his own home and not exposing himself in any public place.  Police have stated they are searching for alternate options to resolve the community issue.

Lastly in Breaking News, Rookie LAPD officer wanted on murder charges

A Rookie Los Angeles police officer is wanted on murder charges in the shooting death of a man over the weekend.  The victim was identified as Salome Rodriguez Jr, 23-year old trucker who collapsed at the street corner and later died at a Los Angeles hospital.  Witnesses say they saw shots fired in the predawn hours Saturday after a struggle between a shooter and a victim before a compact car was seen rushing off.  Authorities and LAPD have begun looking for the rookie cop to question him, but so far, he has not turned up.  Pomona police said in a statement, “The suspect knows he is wanted and that police are actively searching for him”.

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The Storm, News Break

Good Afternoon everyone, I’m Andrea and you’re listening to The Storm.

Today in Breaking News, In Gaston County, a veteran who suffered from PTSD was shot and killed on Wedowee Lane by police after he fired his weapon at police.  William Dean Poole was sitting on a lawnmower in front of his house and fired multiple shots at police.  The officers returned fire, killing Poole, involving four officers but they were not injured. The four officers involved have been placed on administrative leave, per protocol.  Poole’s family said he suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from his time-serving in the Navy and was never violent or tried to hurt anybody.  The State Bureau of Investigation is handling the investigation.  Police Chief James Buie addressed the tragedy calling it an unfortunate situation..

Dukes of Hazzard star, James Best, known for his role as bumbling sheriff Rosco P Coltrane on TV show Dukes of Hazzard, has died at the age 88.  Best died of a brief illness due to complications from pneumonia in a hospice in Hickory, NC.  Best begun his career in 1950 playing a string of villains in westerns before moving to television.  Best’s co-star John Schneider, who played Bo Duke, paid tribute to the actor calling him “a fine man”.  In other news, A father and his seven children have been found dead at home, apparently from carbon monoxide poisoning.  The victim’s stepfather Rodney Todd, 36, was trying to keep his family warm with a generator after their power was cut because of an unpaid bill.  Police identified the victims only as one adult and seven children ranging in age from six years to the teens.  “I don’t know anyone his age that would have done what he did,” “I was so proud to say he took care of seven kids said Ms. Edwards, a family friend.”

Every year, more than 400 people in the United States are killed and over 4,000 are hospitalized when they unintentionally inhale too much carbon monoxide, according to statistics provided by US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  I’m Andrea with Breaking News and you’re listening to The Storm.

WCSB News Talk

This is News Talk 11-10 WCSB. I’m Andrea Sturdivant.

Today in Breaking news, TOUGH ENOUGH: Justice Department No federal charges in Trayvon Martin Death

George Zimmerman, Former neighborhood watch volunteer will not face federal charges in the shooting of Trayvon Martin in a 2012 confrontation, the Justice Dept. Said Tuesday.  Once Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder by a state jury in July 2013. Martin’s family turned to the Federal investigation in hopes that he would be held accountable for the shooting.  Probe focused on whether the killing amounted to a federal civil rights violation, which would have required proof that it was motivated by racial animosity.  Justice department said there was not enough evidence to establish that Zimmerman willfully deprived Martin of his civil rights.  This decision is limited strictly to the department’s inability to meet the high legal standard required to prosecute the case under the federal rights statutes. It does not reflect an assessment of any other aspect of the shooting, Justice Department said in news release announcing the decision Tuesday.

In other news, MONEY DOESN’T SOLVE EVERYTHING, Details when we return.

Teens to be Tried as Adults in Father’s Death

A grand jury has indicted two teenagers charged in the death of their father. The decapitated body of 52-year old David Green Jr was discovered inside a freezer at his Raleigh home in October. The two teens conspired to kill their father to gain the family’s inheritance.

We bring you news every 30 minutes and anytime at WCSB.com I’m Andrea Sturdivant News Talk WCSB.

Sunset Be Gone

Sunset be gone till tomorrow

There’s no hope till tomorrow

The love we shared is no longer there

My dear sweet sunset be gone till tomorrow till I have loved no more

My heart skips a beat

Oh sunset be gone for thee has no true meaning of love

Take my hand and steal it away for no love shall ever stay

Love is here but should I just ran away

Come back sweet sunset

Come back sweet sunset

That I doubt I have no sense of fear

Goodbye sunset forever

Sunset is gone!

Goodbye sunset, sweet dreams

Till we meet tomorrow

The Woman That I am

The Woman that I am…

I carry myself through the good and bad hardships I go through

I stand with affirmation and dignity to succeed in life’s journeys

I am a woman who has made a lot of sacrifice’s in her life to get where I am today

I am a woman with ambition and pride

I stay strong for my family and friends

I am a woman who is proud of my ancestors and cultural background

W is for the wisdom I stand for

O is for overcoming many obstacles in my life

M is for motivation

A is for assurance and aspirations we have in life

N is for the nourishment and noble blessings given to me.



Grandma you bring joy and laughter in my world

Your smile is so bright it lights up my world

When I hear your sweet sounding voice calling my name

I know it’s you right near on my trail

When you read me stories and make me snacks

I love to see you dance all day around peek-a-boo stack

Grandma you’re kind, sweet and honest woman

Who stands strong despite what others may think

You carry yourself with dignity, courage and pride

Hold on just tight that grandma my life will be just fine

Be sweet and be cool like a baby bumblebee

Fly away not to far so I can to be with you grandma

(In loving memory of Mary Magdalene Pate Howell)

Don’t Waste Life


Is there anybody going to listen to my story?

Every bridge I cross brings me closer to this circuitous journey through time

Traveling through perpendicular dirty and rocky road

Where am I now, and where will I go from here?

Standing in the middle of a narrow and pebbled empty road

Hearing nothing but the echoed sounds of flowing trees and chirping of birds

Is it an illusion? Or is it reality? I really don’t know

Days seem to pass by like the hours on a grandfather clock

Before long its months then years

Life is like a game of chess

A battlefield full of tactics, strategy and sacrifices to fight for victory

Contemplating life’s hopes and fears

Before I knew it my whole life had passed me by

Arising from a state of shock that transforms into a mystery

Now here I stand before the silence and narrow road

Reflecting back on my life with God reaching out from the heavenly blue skies

Learning about the value and self-discovery of life

Having the potential of understanding within ourselves

All you need, you have within you

Let YOUR life begin.

Footprints In the Sand

A poem of salvation, assurance and faith

That is buried deep in the sand a set of footprints

Told of endless story of courage and faith

Being carried across this land with knowledge of hope and kindness

He carried a heavy weight for me through trials and suffering

Lifting my bruised and bloody feet

Into his everlasting healing arms as my healing of my mind, body and soul was complete

He didn’t have to lift my burden from anguish, sorrow or even defeat

For my endless suffering was mine to bear

He didn’t have to soften my way of endless pain

His eternal love, he didn’t have to share

Still He lifted me into His arms and carried me with ease

He soothed my fear and crumpled brow

He carried me through the many steps down this circuitous journey through time

Too weak to stand or walk

He soothed away the strife

Now through the midst I look behind me

As I stand on heaven’s Holy shore

Those buried footprints deepened in the sand, as a open door forms across mushy sand

He knocked so many times, but I didn’t heed the call

Until my life turned into turmoil and then I surrendered all.

I thank God that Jesus waited for me to unlock the door

Instead of seeing footprints my feet would be cut and sore

Now with soft healed feet I kneel before the throne

I praise Jesus and rejoice, as I claimed salvation for my own

I have completed my last hour

If you look behind and only see one set of footprints in the sand

Know that you’re being carried towards the Holy Kingdom of the Promise land.

Leaving a Soldier Behind…

I remember his voice, his soft touch, and the way he use to smile. I can’t believe it has been a year since he has passed. The pain and agony I feel, I try to silence it out. He was a man of strength, adversity, honor, courage, and integrity. He wasn’t just a part of a strong team, he was a part of my heart and soul. I hate that I had to leave him behind in the dangerous territories of unknown foreign land. He was my everything but my life was empty without him. Goodbye My Soldier, as we lay you to rest with your determined pride and the beauty of the American flag flowing through the wind.

I still envision him calling out to me from a far with his heavenly smile always smiling back at me. Our history together was fairly familiar and strange, he was my friend who changed to my mentor becoming more than leaving a soldier behind. When the war started he kept our family together even though he was a thousand miles away from home. Nobody else had my back like he had mines and I had his. He had five children back at home in the states staying with their spouses and children. I couldn’t see or believe this.

This is the final journey of his tour serving as a soldier. How I felt hurt, abandoned, and alone when I returned home and my family asked me, when was their love one coming home? My heart shattered into a billion pieces with a single tear rolling down my cheek. My family feeling lost, hurt, alone, and confused. The time at home seemed like a dream as I envisioned him walking through the door and leaping into my arms. He left the Army behind as he gave his life to protect. Leaving a Soldier Behind who was more than serving his country. He was a son, father, brother, and grandfather. He just wasn’t apart of their team, he was a part of our family.