Faith In God: How Can I Develop Faith in Jesus Christ

Faith In GodHave you ever been in a situation where you were struggling with your faith? Have you faced trial and tribulation after trial where you have struggled to come to terms of why you were going through your hardship? There has been many times where I’ve struggled with my faith, but God has always been right there by my side and faithful to the point where He gave me strength when I needed it. The Bible tells us one way where we can increase our faith:

“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”-Romans 10:17

In order to grow your faith start by reading your Bible, Word of God on a daily basis. In the Bible there are Holy accounts of growing your faith, such as when Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead, or when Jesus walks on water, or when Jesus feeds the five thousand are all Holy accounts of Christ’s miracles, love and resurrection being showed in the Bible.

Another way of developing your faith is being obedient to God and living your life according to Him. As you are obedient, you will start to feel God moving in many areas of your life as well as experiencing the Holy Spirit and God’s power. Boosting your faith in God, you can study your Bible, participate in group prayer, praying daily, going to church to fellowship, believing in your heart and spirit of what God has done for you.

Have Faith in God

Do you have faith in God? Do you trust in Jesus Christ to save your soul? Do you place your trust in the truth, the way, and light in Jesus? If you are lost, unsure about your faith or haven’t put your faith and trust in God, I encourage you to do so. Don’t wait another day to make a decision about your faith. Act now! Today is the day for your salvation, “That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.”-1 Corinthians 2:5

Simple Prayer God Answers and Hears All


So I pray…

So I pray…

Dear God, here I am needing your guidance and support.

Going through this life with the trails and tribulations I go through.

Lord, help me to continue to pray this prayer.

Praying for my life of the endless suffering.

Praying for hurt and anger I feel inside.

Praying for soul to be saved.

Praying for a chance.

So I pray…

So I pray… Praying to walk hand in hand with you Lord.

Praying for hope.

Praying for salvation.

Praying that you hear this prayer.

So I pray…

So I pray…

Pray that you hear this prayer

My Best Friend

There has been so many times where I needed you as my friend,

No matter what the reason is, you always had my back

Every time I needed to talk, vent or cry you always understood

You always put me first if I needed you to be there,

I appreciate your unconditional friendship it showed me who I am inside

If you ever needed anything anytime day or night,

I promise I will be there no matter what comes my way

Cause your friendship is a beautiful thing to me, A BEST FRIEND IS WHAT YOU FOREVER WILL ALWAYS BE!

Don’t Make a Sound

Nothing but dead silence in the air, as you hear the whispers of the wind wrestling in the air.

What do I do?

The words echoing through silence of the hallways and stillness of the hard wooden floors

The quietness in the air reflects a sliver of moonlight that spilled into the room, not enough to ignite the fiery hues of the room, but enough to navigate between the smooth pine wooden chairs through my window pane.

Let me in…. Let me in…..

There is a knock on the door

Who is it?  No one answers

As the door slowly opens by the force of the whispering and restless wind

Nothing is there but the sound of silence in the air

The Mask…

Hiding behind a faded smile that constantly grins and tells nothing but lies

It hides my piercing brown eyes, faded smile and tan toned cheeks

Walking around like there is no care in the world

To hide from a reflection I see within a mirror

Day and night has passed

As my time has run out

Am I ready to accept the truth of what beholds me in the mirror?

For some will show support or others judge in the distance?

Wouldn’t you know I am feeling quite down?

Feeling hopeless and depress

Shall I run or just wait to stick around?

There is no more hiding this beautiful face for the entire world to see

Wouldn’t you know I wear a mask?

A Widow’s story: Her Heartache….

Here in the silence and empty room a single tear rolled down my face.  I didn’t try to wipe it away but the battle to remain calm, understandable, and rational was becoming futile in my head.  I sat there patiently and defenselessly just waiting as the clock continued to tick tock on the wall.  The aroma was filled with wet-dump paint and the smell of blood in the tainted air.  As I sat there defenselessly I tried not to be brooding and bleak as I silently tried to take exhale and inhale for a breath.  I took in my surroundings and struggled for words to say to this woman who was an emotional wreck.  This woman stood there in front of me, frozen with watery tears staining her rosy cheeks as her light complexion of her pale skin begin to turn an ice cold. She appeared to be 5’5 with long silky flaxen blonde hair.  Her eyes were like a cat, hazel colored as she was average height with slim hips and long legs.

As I stood there paralyzed in my body, I was not totally unfamiliar with this country and its citizens, as I patiently sat in the overcrowded hospital room in Mooresville, North Carolina.  I had been in Mooresville for seven months already helping out my mother and her family because my grandmother was in hospice care.  I had become well acquainted with some of my family members by this time.  I had bonded with them, played with their children, walked the very streets in their homes and even swapped amazing stories with them.  However nothing at all could have anticipated me for that endless silence of that hospital room.  It was an enormous room, approximately 60 feet across and 25 feet wide.  It was heavily crowded with hard cement bricks and hard marble floors just glistening as the light shines off the floors.  In the waiting area were metal benches clasped between file desks and family members and dedicated nurses and doctors.  The sound of the endless cries of women and children quietly echoed off through the hardened ceilings and thin linings of the walls.

The woman who stood across from me I couldn’t recognize because she was a stranger to me. She was clinging onto her children for desperate attempt to silence and end her unstoppable agony and sudden loss of pain.  The woman had two small children a petite boy with curly short brown hair and perplexing hazel eyes and a tiny girl with silky sandy blonde hair with sparkling brown eyes.  Her children’s faces were showed faint as they stared at their mother into an empty room.  As I looked into the faces of her children their pain on their faces were distraught as though they were still in shock.

Their body language was calling off like a radar as I could see the stillness and sorrow in their precious innocent eyes.  The woman stood there bleak and paralyzed just standing in that empty room looking on the bed that laid nothing but empty sheets and pillows.  I could see she was using that abandoned room as recovery to hide and conceal her pain.  Her feline eyes were filled with pain and sadness but her heart was slowly breaking into pieces as she just slowly begins to walk out of that hollow room.  The woman walked out the room as her children came running to her in such ease wishing that the pain they are feeling was just a dream.

Finally she looked up at me and said,” My name is Lisa Taylor and these are my children Julian Matthew Taylor, III and Lana Tiffany Taylor.  She hugged her children with tender care and love that you could see in her feline eyes.  Lisa said to me, “Have you ever lost someone you loved?”  I replied back, “Yes I have, you never get over losing someone you love.”  Her eyes begin to bust into pools of water as they rushed flowing down her rosy cheeks.  She told me she felt her heart just died inside as someone just completely ripped it apart.

The woman could barely keep herself together as she held her children closely in her arms.  She told me her husband was named Julian Matthew Taylor, Jr a police officer of Mooresville Police Department.  She said he was battling lung cancer all his life.  As I listened to her heart felt story all I could see was the pain and suffering in this woman’s eyes.  Not only was she hurting but her children Julian and Lana as well they’re hearts were breaking into little pieces.

I felt completely helpless as I tried to console Lisa while she told me her story.  She was a middle age woman with two young children no older than 10 years old.  However despite her age she looked doleful.  Her cat like eyes were strained with red, her nose turned bright reddish-orange as her hands continued to shake immensely by anxiety.  This woman lived a completely different life than I did.

Her husband was just like any other man you would meet.  He was a father, husband, friend, and son; he was a part of their family.  He was serving in the line of duty trying to protect people from getting hurt.  Looking at this woman you wouldn’t think there was a single shred of a connection between us.  But there was, I felt drawn to her pain, her agony and the heart felt loss of someone she loved and cherish dearly. Lisa’s pain was suffering, but not only her pain but her children’s agony and suffering. They lost their father and hero someone they looked up too.

I walked Lisa and her children into the waiting room and sat down beside her and held her and her children until they couldn’t cry anymore.  Her whole life was cut short because she lost her partner, her best friend, and most importantly her husband.  There were no words of condolence I could offer.  I couldn’t bring back her husband or her children’s father.  All I could give was my hand and ears of comfort and support.  She looked at me with her deep diluted feline eyes as thou it seemed that was all she needed someone outside of her everyday life listening to her remarkable story.  She wanted someone to listen to her story and offer her reassurance that her journey and amazing heart felt story is worth hearing.

What you don’t know is that her story sets her apart from the other millions of people in this world today.  Her story has something to offer for those who are fighting for something to value, a life lesson, reminders, and a purpose.  Her story reminds me of the pride, determination, and the ability to fight for a cause that we call life.  Her story is more about a man who has left the force behind as he gave his life to protect and serve.

Malia An African Queen

As the night grew dark so did the sky. Deep down in Kenya there was the most beautiful African girl I ever seen. This girl was a servant who lived in a small cottage on the over side of Mount Kenya. Her name was Malia which means “Queen”.  Malia had her mother’s beauty and gracious style. She had her father’s cat-like hazel eyes. I’ll tell you a fairy tale about this young girl named Malia….

It all began about twenty years ago, if I remember correctly. Between the deep dark pebble dirt paths in the land, I saw Malia for the first time. Malia was only at the age of six when her father died. Malia believed he was viciously poisoned to death. Malia lived with her stepmother Ashanti and step siblings Amare, Adisa and Asha. One day Malia stepmother Ashanti sold her into slavery  in Nigeria. Malia was forced to go to Nigeria and work as domestic service slave.

One day when Malia was doing chores in the kitchen and cleaning the house, Malia accidentally  knocked over rare Romano-Egyptian  figure Goddess Ma’at. When word traveled back to Malia’s master Maarku Val, he tortured, beaten and burned Malia nearly to death. Malia had scars, third degree burns and fractured ankle. For she was now not beautiful at all. After Malia looked into the mirror seeing her scars and third degree burns, Malia viewed herself as an “goffel” which means ugly girl. She had low-self esteem and viewed herself as nothing and dirt.

When Malia was sixteen her master Maarku Val sold her to elderly French woman named Caitlin LaRue who lived in Kenya valley. Caitlin LaRue lived on the other side of Mount Kenya that was three miles from Malia’s home. Down in Kenya on the other side of Mount Kenya in the Kenya valley the House of Negasi  were making preparations for a royal wedding. King Malik Negasi wanted a bride for his son Prince MacKinley Negasi. When Ashanti and Amare, Adisa and Asha Malia’s stepmother and step siblings got word through the valley that Prince MacKinley was searching for a bride to add to his royal family House of Negasi. They immediately wanted to make preparations to get ready for Prince MacKinley to choose his royal bride.

The elderly French woman Caitlin LaRue wondered if Malia knew that she was her Tante means aunt in french. Caitlin was Malia’s aunt on her father’s side of the family and her Godmother. Caitlin told Malia her secret she was hiding from her. Malia was surprised by the news that Caitlin told her as she weeped tears of joy. Malia’s aunt told her about the Prince MacKinley searching for royal bride. That midday Malia decided to go for a walk in the Kenya valley to visit her stepmother and step siblings Amare, Adisa and Asha.

When Malia reached her child home Nairobi cottage her step mother seemed very angry and bothered about Malia showing up on her door step. Malia’s step mother Ashanti made some Mango Sorrel tea made of dried mango, dried hibiscus flowers, Alpinia, Afzelia quanzensis and small dose of African Violin Spider silk-like sac eggs in her tea. That night Malia was feeling under the weather and throwing up blood. Her face was covered with mild scars and her body was covered with third degree burns, African Violin Spider bites and mild bruises.

Her stepmother watched Malia as she screamed and begged for help as her legs were covered in boils, burns and bruises. Malia ran to her aunt’s house through the Kenya Valley up to the other side of Mount Kenya. When Malia reached her aunt’s house it was barely burned down to the ground. Malia stood outside of the house patiently waiting for her aunt to come outside. As Malia was about to leave her aunt Caitlin’s home she heard a voice say, “Don’t cry my dear choty goty (beautiful girl) everything will be alright.” 

Malia wondered were that voice was coming from and who was speaking to her. She answered back and said, “Why did she try to kill me? Does she truly love me deep down inside or does she secretly hate or despise me?”  Malia heard the voice again and the voice answered, “My choty goty  (beautiful girl) your poor step mother Ashanti is jealous of your beauty and elegant style.” Malia answered back to the mysterious voice and said “I am not beautiful at all, I am “goffel” (ugly girl). ”  The mysterious voice magically drops a white flowy dress with lace and diamond pearl beads from beautiful golden sunset and a pair of hand-encrusted Swarovski diamond crystal glass slippers. Malia was so happy that the mysterious voice gave her a white flowy dress with lace and diamond pearl beads and hand-encrusted Swarovski diamond crystal glass slippers.

Malia told the voice what her stepmother Ashanti did to her face and body. The mysterious voice said to her “Malia my sweet African queen you are still beautiful in my eyes and in your father’s heart.” Malia told the mysterious voice in a angry and sadden tone “I am  not so beautiful and my stepmother didn’t love me.” Malia started weeping and single tears rolled down her face. A big cloud of smoke came from the sky. There was a petite Dutch woman dressed in cloths with pearls, hand-made diamonds and gold earrings.

Suddenly Malia stopped crying and saw a petite Dutch woman standing in front of her. Malia asked the woman was she the mysterious voice that was talking to her. The woman told Malia to put on the  white flowy dress with lace and diamond pearl beads and hand-encrusted Swarovski diamond crystal glass slippers. The woman told Malia to go into the forest where there she will find her answers to her problems.

Malia traveled down to the forest where she saw a Fountain Tree (Spathodea companulata). Malia gazed upon the Fountain tree wondering if the legend of the Spathodea companulata (Fountain Tree) granting people wishes and magically healing that her parents told her were true. Malia carefully kneel down at the stomp of the tree and softly cried asking the Spathodea companulata (Fountain) tree to heal her face and body.  A mysterious voice called out to her “Malia my sweet African queen you are beautiful just like your mother. Oh my sweet little girl I have missed you so dearly.” Suddenly Malia stopped crying and asked the mysterious voice who are you? How do you know my name?

The flowers on the Fountain tree started to flow off the tree creating a circle around Malia. As Malia watched the reddish orange flowers fall down beside her creating a circle, the circle begin to glow. Malia started to get worried for her safety then she heard the mysterious voice called out to her “Malia my sweet African queen my beautiful little girl it is so good to finally see you.”  Malia was shocked to see her father standing in front of her. Malia softy cried out, “Daddy is that really you?”  Malia’s father answered saying, “Yes Malia it is me but I am afraid we don’t have much time to reconnect. Listen to me Malia very carefully there is African ball dance tonight on the other side of Mount Kenya the House of Negasi. There you will find your Prince and share a dance. Malia this prince is your true love…..”

Malia’s father voice disappeared in the sounds of heavy wind flowing through the air. Before Malia knew it, her father disappeared. Malia got up and put on her white flowy dress with lace and diamond pearl beads and hand-encrusted Swarovski diamond crystal glass slippers. Malia headed out the forest to the other side of Mount Kenya to the House of Negasi for the African ball dance.

Time started to add as the clock begun to tick-tock on the palace ball room wall, the shades becoming darker ever so slightly. The air outside of the palace doors started becoming brisk. The top of the hill on Mount Kenya was isolated as before, except for the moon glistening over the shadows of the palace. House of Negasi was high upon the hill in the Kenya valley. The palace was overlooked the town, its many sharped edged towers giving it the look of an royal crown. The walls of the palace were as white and soft flowing like snow that glistened in the winter.

The palace ballroom was filled with the sounds of roaring drums and soft angelic sounds of trumpets playing. Every single woman in the room had their eye on Prince MacKinley Negasi. Prince MacKinley was a tall muscular man with perplexing light caramel eyes with a hint of grey. Ashanti was happy to see her daughters Adisa and Asha enjoying themselves at the ball. Adisa and Asha both tried to get Prince MacKinley to dance with them, but the prince didn’t seem interested in them or any woman in the room that grabbed his attention until she walked into the ballroom…….

As Malia walked down the marble floors of the palace, she saw the Negasi family portraits were painted in the most beautiful acrylic oils hanging on the wall in gold frames. As Malia reached the end of the marble floor steps she realized every person in the room was staring at her. Malia glazed across the room and saw her stepmother Ashanti and step-sisters Adisa and Asha were talking to the prince. Malia saw the stars sparking around the moon as it glisten while she felt the soft breeze of air touch her skin. Malia walked outside to the palace garden were she felt the beautiful ocean-side air was aromatic with the fragrance of  Egyptian Jasmin. Malia gazed across the soft breeze of the wind and the ocean’s current flowing up on the sand. Malia slowly inhaled just taking in the beautiful scenery of the Negasi palace.

Prince MacKinley looked around the room looking for the woman who entered the ballroom with the most stunning white flowy dress with lace and diamond pearl beads and hand-encrusted Swarovski diamond crystal glass slippers. He looked everywhere in the palace ballroom but couldn’t find her. So Prince MacKinley decided to step outside and that’s when he saw her. She was on the palace terrace overlooking the ocean. The prince approached Malia and introduced himself, “Hi my name is Prince MacKinley it is a pleasure meeting you.” 

Malia could feel her heart beat heavily…..her hands started to shake uncontrollable. However, but all Malia was able to do was smile and say, “Hi Prince MacKinley it is a pleasure meeting you as well. You’re palace is beautiful especially the scenery overlooking the ocean.”  Prince MacKinley responded back, “Could I have this dance?”  Malia responded “yes” and her and Prince MacKinley danced the night away with the sounds of the steady drums and angelic sounds of the trumpet playing. For moment there was this vague sense of  familiarity the washed over Malia face as she and the prince were dancing.

Just seconds before she turned  to hear the roaring sounds of drums she knew that this had happened before and she could predict her next move only a millisecond before it happened. Before Malia knew it the clock in the palace ballroom begun to tick-tock on the palace ball room wall striking its final tick-tock at midnight. Malia couldn’t believe time had passed away so fast. She broke away from her and the prince’s dance, ran away up the steps of the marble floors of the palace leaving her glass slipper behind. Prince MacKinley tried going after young woman but he was too late, all he was able to grab of the young woman was a glass slipper she left behind on the marble floors of the palace.

The next morning the prince couldn’t stop thinking about the dance he shared with the young woman. That night of the dance that prince shared with the young woman there was this vague sense of  familiarity the washed over Prince MacKinley face as he and the young woman were dancing. He felt a strong connection between him and the young woman. For the very first moment in his life, the prince fell in love at first sight….

The prince decided to put out a search for the young woman he danced with and lost her glass slipper on the marble floors of the palace. The prince and his guards searched all over on Mount Kenya until they decided to look in the Kenya valley for the young woman he danced with. Malia couldn’t stop thinking about the dance she shared with Prince MacKinley. That night of the dance that Malia shared with the young prince there was this vague sense of  familiarity the washed over her face as she danced with the prince. She felt a strong connection between her and the young prince. For the very first moment in her life, the Malia felt that she may have found her soulmate and fell in love at first sight….

As Malia was reminiscing about her dance with the prince, her stepmother Ashanti came in frantic. She asked Malia, “Have you finished your chores?”  Malia responded, “Yes stepmother I have finished my chores. Is there anything else I can do?”  Her stepmother responded, “Yes Malia go upstairs to the tower and clean out attic and sort through the antiques, jewelry and clothing.”  Malia went upstairs to the tower her stepmother locked her in the tower above her bedroom. Malia heard the sounds of the palace trumpets playing. She looked out the tower window and saw the prince and his guards. Malia couldn’t believe the prince was here especially since he had her glass slipper in his hands.

The prince and his guards walked into Ashanti house Malia’s stepmother. The prince asked her, “Could your daughters who reside in the home put on this glass slipper?”  Ashanti called for her daughters Adisa and Asha to come downstairs to meet Prince MacKinley Negasi. Adisa and Asha were excited to meet the prince. The prince asked both ladies to try on the glass slipper . Adisha put on the slipper but her heal was too large. The prince then asked  Asha to try on the slipper. Asha toe was a too big for the glass slipper so her mother told her to cut off her toe to make room for the slipper. When Prince MacKinley saw that Asha could wear the slipper he announced to her mother that he found his bride and they were leaving to head to the palace for royal wedding.

Malia tried her hardest to escape from the tower but her stepmother wouldn’t let her out. So Malia took a small needle and a yarn needle to unlock the tower door. When Malia escaped from the tower she noticed that her stepsister  Asha and the prince were gone. Malia saw that her step-mother Ashanti and stepsister Adisa was the only ones at the house and asked where Prince MacKinley and her step sister is? Her stepmother answered, “Asha was able to wear the slipper. The prince and her left to go to the palace for the royal wedding. Me and Adisa are getting ready to go with them.”

Malia tried to leave her stepmother’s house to find the prince to tell him the truth but her stepmother Ashanti figured out Malia was the one that Prince MacKinley danced with at the ball and secretly fell in love with at first sight. So her stepmother locked her up in the tower again taking the needles and yarn needles with her so Malia won’t escape. Her stepmother paddled the lock so Malia wouldn’t be able to escape.

As Prince MacKinley and Asha were riding on the horses to head to the palace a small bird and leopard came by Asha and the prince. The bird said to the prince, “She’s a lair, don’t trust her.”  The leopard came by Prince MacKinley and said to him, “Her toe was too big for the slipper, she cut it off. Look at her foot. Your true love waits afoot…”  The prince looked down at Asha’s foot and saw her foot was bleeding in the glass slipper. The prince and Asha rode back to the Kenya valley to her house. When the prince and Asha arrived back to her home, Malia’s stepmother ordered Malia not to say a word.

Prince MacKinley and Asha came into the house. The prince asked Asha’s mother “Could your daughters who reside in the home put on this glass slipper?”  Asha’s mother Ashanti said both of her daughters are here and have put on the glass slipper. The prince looked at Ashanti and said, “You’re lying to me and I don’t like people who lie. I am going to ask once again. Could your daughters who reside in the home put on this glass slipper?”  Before Ashanti could answer, Ashanti’s son Amare said to the prince “There is one daughter left that my mother hasn’t introduced to you. She isn’t her daughter but stepdaughter. Prince MacKinley she’s your true love….”

Prince MacKinley asked Ashanti to bring her stepdaughter down to put on the glass slipper. Ashanti went upstairs to the tower and unlocked the pad that Ashanti to put on the door and let Malia out. Amare escorted Malia down the stairs and introduced Prince MacKinley to his stepsister Amare. Amare said to Prince MacKinley, “This is my stepsister Malia.”  Prince MacKinley stood there as he saw young woman standing in front of him there was this vague sense of  familiarity that washed over his face as he saw the young woman. He felt a strong connection between him and the young woman.

Prince MacKinley introduced himself to the young woman, “Hi my name is Prince MacKinley it is a pleasure meeting you.”  Malia introduced herself to the prince, “Hi Prince MacKinley it is a pleasure meeting you as well. My name is Malia.” The prince asked his guard to clean the glass slipper that had blood all over it for Malia to try on. The guard gave the prince the glass slipper. Prince MacKinley asked Malia, “Can you put on this glass slipper?”  Malia took the glass slipper out of Prince MacKinley’s hand and put on the glass slipper.

The prince and Malia shared a vague sense of  familiarity that washed over both of their faces. The prince realized that Malia was the young woman he danced with at the ball. He felt a strong connection between him and Malia. During that moment at the ball the prince fell in love with Malia at first sight…. Prince MacKinley realized after Malia put on the glass slipper that Malia was his true love.

The warm ray of light filtered through her thin  and over baggy eyelids. The rays of bright yellowish cast squares onto the wooded pine floor, reflecting onto several antiques in the room which brought a room nice and cozy feeling of simplicity. Ashanti and her children watched as Prince MacKinley and Malia rode off into the sunset heading to Negasi palace. My wife and my queen Malia lived in the palace in the Kenya Valley on the other side of Mount Kenya. As for her stepmother and stepsisters they are working in the palace as servants. Malia step brother Amare became Prince MacKinley top adviser of the royal family. Malia was happier than ever………….


Decisions Into the Road Not Taken

Stop! Tick tock… Tick tock…
Walking down the cold and dark hallway,
Seeing all the doorways reflecting eerie shadows on the wall
Each room contains a door that holds all choices in life
Making it difficult to choose, not just one but two Traveling down “TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood”
“And sorry I could not travel both”
Which room is the right choice to make?
Right or Left: Bringing you the wisdom and truth
“I doubted if I should ever come back”
“Yet knowing how one way leads on to another way”
As I crawl on my hands and knees in the dark
Without a light guiding my way
To discover what is right and how I will survive
“And be one traveler, long I stood”
As I looked down traveling far as I could
“But still, like air, I’ll rise” Till I open my eyes,
“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— “
“I took the one less traveled by”
“And that has made all the difference”
But the choices are ours to make,
To find the happiness and joy within

Daddy’s Just a Little Boy

At only thirteen what a beautiful thing God has made

He was the essence of his mother’s beauty of an African queen

His father locked up selling and doing crack cocaine

He didn’t listen ran off into the streets

Watch his mind grow into a rage of violence and deceased

His friends used him for his high intelligence mind

So we wait for time to see how this boy builds his body and mind

He works on the streets for six months

Then it’s finally time

What do we find?

A little boy with a gun in his hand with a mind of tortured soul and addicted to a life of crime

He learned his values on the streets at an early age

Watch for the police

He doesn’t come home

No sign of him around the home

Daddy’s acting crazy-“Daddy’s Just a Little Boy”


A path of spiritual unity that bring us together

Our brothers stand affirmly through trails and tribulations in life

We are man of faith, family, and understanding

We are warriors for God’s mission

B is for brotherhood the unity that brings us together

R is for the respect and responsibility we show for each other

O is for obedience of our Lord and Savior

T is for many tears we shed as a family

H is for the honor we serve as a family

E is for the eyes of our heavenly father watching over us

R is for the rewards and righteousness we put in for one another

H is for the happiness and hope we share

O is for the many opportunities life holds

O is for overcoming many obstacles in life

D is for the Deliverence through the blood of Christ He shed for us!