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Chapter I: Die laaste totsiens (The Last Goodbye)

Annika flashbacks to life with her mother and reminiscing the times she spent with her before she died.

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Annika An Afrika Koningin

A retelling of a classic tale with an intriguing twist…

She had a kind of understated beauty, perhaps it was because she was so disarmingly unaware of her allurement. Her personality, charm, natural beauty, and her life told of a young woman in need of love, freedom, and self-journey. Beautiful. Fiercely Independent. Bashful. Gifted. Kind-hearted…

All Seventeen-year-old Annika Imani wants is her freedom… She has endured several years of emotional and physical abuse at the hands of the Lerato family. On her journey towards securing her freedom and self-discovery, until one night she has a mysterious encounter with the Crown Prince of South Africa, Sebastián Theron Chevaliér at the masquerade ball changed everything…

Told in Annika and Sebastián POV

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Kiss of a Angel: A Paranormal Romance

Lexington Lifton suspected something was a little off when he noticed all the strange activity going on in New York City when he was just six years old. Nevertheless, he lived a relatively normal life among other humans. It wasn’t until he bumped into the devilishly beautiful angel, Lauréen Lavoisiér, that his life finally began […]

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TS-5 Virus Zombie Apocalypse

A zombie apocalypse has destroyed the world as we know it. The year is 2025. New York is a deserted place ruled by the undead of flesh-eating zombies. Once glorious, New York City has become overrun by the undead. The beautiful landmark of the Statue of Liberty is now under water and overrun by the undead […]

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The Portrait of Katie-Rose Chevalier

A few years ago, a wealthy couple decided to take a romantic vacation in Rome, Italy. Before they left on their trip they asked their live-in nanny Emily to watch and take care of the kids. That night when the couple left for their romantic vacation, the two children Lucas and Lindsey were already fast […]

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A Widow’s story: Her Heartache….

Here in the silence and empty room a single tear rolled down my face.  I didn’t try to wipe it away but the battle to remain calm, understandable, and rational was becoming futile in my head.  I sat there patiently and defenselessly just waiting as the clock continued to tick tock on the wall.  The […]

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Malia An African Queen

As the night grew dark so did the sky. Deep down in Kenya there was the most beautiful African girl I ever seen. This girl was a servant who lived in a small cottage on the over side of Mount Kenya. Her name was Malia which means “Queen”.  Malia had her mother’s beauty and gracious style. […]

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Leaving a Soldier Behind…

I remember his voice, his soft touch, and the way he use to smile. I can’t believe it has been a year since he has passed. The pain and agony I feel, I try to silence it out. He was a man of strength, adversity, honor, courage, and integrity. He wasn’t just a part of […]

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Anisa African Queen

As the velvet night sky grew dark with the moon glistening over the dark blue ocean you can hear nothing but the quietness and stillness of all forms of life sleeping in country of Algeria.  Anisa was born to a family of farmers and warriors in a small village in the South of the country.  […]

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