Chapter I: Die laaste totsiens (The Last Goodbye)

A cool breeze of air whips over the sapphire waves, bringing a taste of the ocean with it. In the blinding moonlight of the January night, the ocean is like a perfect mirror in the water. The sand is the most gentle hue of coffee, almost earthen and dampen.

She closed her eyes to the lullaby of the ocean, breathing in its delightfully but poignant salty breath. The breeze blew warm announcing the arrival of summer’s cool days. The aroma of the bloomed violet Orchids was an intoxicating perfume and the night sky was such a welcoming sight, appearing like magic at each sunset. The sky embellished itself with brilliant ivory glow, clothed itself in flashy grandeur. Her favorite though, of everything that is here, is seeing the sunset at the horizon and basking in the moon.

The stars lit up the night sky as the moon glistens over the ocean. She stared back at the white-slivery disc as whites of her hazel eyes turned pink by crying. Then at once, the sunlight that turned into moonlight above became her friend, her companion, it matched the new fire kindled within her.

Annika sat, legs outstretched on the cool January night coffee sand as she watched the ocean, lost in the rhythmic drumming of waves on the sand. Her eyes are steady to the horizon, face aglow with the twilight beckoning the stars. Her lips bear the semblance of a smile, just enough to show that she is enjoying her thoughts, whatever they may be. She feels her mother’s presence, as a single tear falls down her rose-colored cheeks. Yet she stays quiet, allowing herself to stay lost in the moment a while longer.

Her eyes dripped with tears. She laid across the blanket of sand and curled on her side and wept, with her small shoulders heaving in and out. The beauty of the night’s sky only intensified Annika’s pain without her mother there couldn’t be, shouldn’t be, no beauty in the world.

Eight months ago…

Soule Valley, South Africa

Annika’s mother was sitting in a French print accent chair, legs firmly still on the mahogany floor and fingers intertwined over her sketchbook. She leans forward and carefully studies the Nigella flowers in a vase upon the wooden table in the living room. Her almond chocolate hand delicately moved over the sketchbook as the whispering hum of the rain gently tapped onto the roof of the cottage. Her hand steadily moved up and down, sketching out the shape and patterns of a gorgeous flower. Beneath her feet the mahogany floor felt soft, Annalise moved her chair closer to the edge of the coffee table, her jeans brushing against the accent chair and oak coffee table.

On the wall was her family portraits each hanging on the wall and mapped out in a circle. On the coffee table was a glass of crimson Rooibos tea and her Diamond pendant. As the rain gently tapped on the window outside of the cottage Annika’s mother started to feel a sharp pain in her lower back.

Her hand started to go numb as she sketched on her notepad. She slowly stood up from the French print accent chair but she couldn’t hold her balance. Her muscles started to weaken. She tried to hold herself up on the wooden table but she started to lose the feeling in her legs. Forgetting the floor she rushed forward, trying to walk and fell onto the floor.

Annika walked into the cottage, carrying a basket of Begonia flowers while hearing her steps echoed on the beautiful mahogany floor. She put down the basket of Begonia flowers near the back door. She headed to the living room when she noticed her mother’s sketchbook, a glass of tea, and a diamond pendant scattered on the floor.

A gaggle of goose pimples laminated her mocha-caramel skin. Annika walked closer and she came upon her mother laying on the floor motionless. Her eyes shifted to the side and as she blinked, tears dripped from her eyelids and slid down her cheeks. Her lower lip quivered as words slowly made their way out of her mouth. “Mammie word wakker! Mamma! Ma…” Nicholas rushed out of the main house as he heard his daughter screaming.

He ran into the cottage and in that instant, his skin became pale. His mouth hung open slightly as his eyes widen. His chest tightened as he looked helplessly at his daughter standing over her clutching her mother’s hand into her small tiny hands.

Annalise laid there quietly, keeping her eyes closed, matching her breaths to the beeping of the machines that surrounded the bed, the only indications of her heartbeat, her existence. Nicholas leaned down to kiss Annalise on the forehead. He stepped out of the room to speak with the doctor. He held her hand in silence, as tears rolled down his face. It seemed as if this was the end of the road for her.

That didn’t sit well for Nicholas he couldn’t imagine his wife not seeing their daughter grow up or being there for her. Nicholas was scared… He never expected this to hurt so much, it felt like a thousand knives just pierced through his heart. He looked at a picture of his daughter and waves of regret washed across his face.

Nicholas couldn’t figure out how to tell his daughter her mother was dying. Nicholas wanted to protect her from getting hurt. But he knew to keep the truth from her was going to hurt his daughter more. A choked cry for help forced itself up his throat, and he felt a drop run down his cheek. The room was beautiful, the Begonia flowers fresh, perfumed.

There was a view of the greenery of the lush mountains and the garden was perfection. Annalise slowly eased herself into the bed while Nicholas put on some soothing music. Her husband sat at her side, quietly holding her hand.

Twelve years of love and he would leave this scented room alone. Cancer spread fast, robbing Annalise of her strength. From losing bits of pieces of her hair to her bones becoming fragile and her skin pale, the transformation couldn’t have been any crueler. It was like she couldn’t breathe, it felt as if she was suffocating trying to get air to breathe. Annalise clasped his arm.

“I love you, Annalise said to Nicholas.” He nodded. Nicholas wrapped her in his arms and kissed her charcoal curly black hair.

There is nothing that could prepare him for the pain of this farewell. Annalise kissed him gently on his cheek. Nicholas squeezed her tighter and to the sound of the calming music, she slipped away to heaven. That day she will never forget the words it didn’t exactly come out of her father’s mouth. Something was off about his demeanor he seemed shaken unable to cope with what happened.

As he sat Annika down on her bed she could hear a crack in his voice as he spoke. His words fumbled out of his mouth but he refused to look away from her, even as his lips trembled and his shoulders heaved with emotion, unwilling to back down. His dark thick lashes overflowed heavy with tears; his hands started to tremble and shake in a crucial battle against what he wanted to say.

A single tear traced down his cheek, and just like that, tears begin to flood his face. He continued to weep, tears streaming from his ocean infused eyes the color of aqua, as heavy sobs ripped from his throat, and still, he didn’t look away from her. Then he spoke and said “ My Engel, Ek het iets om jou te vertel van mamma.” Her eyes shifted to the side and became glazed with a puddle of tears. As she blinked, they dripped from her eyelids and slid down her rosy cheeks.

She began to bite her lip tightly in an attempt to hide her pain and from any sound that wanted to escape from her small fragile mouth. At that moment Annika knew the truth that her mother was gone. She wasn’t coming home to see her or papa.

Her heart begins to sink. She was only five-and- half but that day her heart broke into million pieces… She was just an innocent girl who had a ray of light-filled with so much joy. But that soon changed. She walked through the chapel with her pa like a silhouette of herself, wishing she really was just dreaming. The coffin gleamed in the early spring morning light that streamed through the sanctuary windows.

It was built with love to be the final resting place of her mother who had been so adored in her lifetime. Annika and her father stood at the front of the funeral. Everyone’s heads were down.

The silence dwelled as they entered the church. As they took a pew near the front the long-held tears slowly burst forth like a river overflowing. She was not sad anymore. She loved her very much. Annika and her father had to see their loved one in something of beauty, something that showed what she had dearly meant to them.

They laid flowers on the top that would be placed at her gravestone, everything beautiful to hide a reality their hearts could not bear. Now she was gone a light had been put out forever in her heart. She sat in her seat beside her pa in silent grief and awaited the start of the funeral service.

She quietly asked herself, ”Hey, why did they put Mamma in that box? She can’t take pretty pictures in that box! Stop! Annika said.” She suddenly let out a loud scream, ”Stop it! ” she shouted, tears streaming down her face as pappa tried to calm her down. Unexpectedly, Annika’s pappa begins to rock her back and forth to calm her down. He whispers in her ear, ”Dit is okay Engel. Mamma het Hemel toe gegaan en sy waak oor ons as ons gurdiaanse Engel. ”

He strokes her hair and back gently but holding her tight as to not let go. She softly cries wanting to hug her mamma but can’t escape her pappa’s arms. Slowly her pappa walks over to her moeder’s coffin and places a white rose on top while holding Annika in his arms.

He gently lets a tear roll down his face, as he turns his daughter to her mamma’s coffin she quietly says ”Bye Mamma, pappa en Ek sal jou mis… Totsiens! ”

Annika An Afrika Koningin


The first meeting…

The moonlight splashed down its luminous white-silver glow onto the beautiful but peaceful island Sernia Ngogia on the outskirts of Casper Bay, South Africa. And in the distance, the immense bulky Mopane trees were silhouetted against the deep charcoal sky as the stars lit up the sky, as the air was still. The moon’s light sparkled across the calming waters of the ocean. A beacon of light pierced through the skylight of multi-paned glass, bathing the palace’s mahogany floor in a crisscross of cinnamon-chocolate color, brightening the ballroom. The walls were a pearly but beige stone that sparkled in the moonlight’s rays.

The palace air was perfumed by the heavy scent of Zantedeschia rehmannii lilies. Their fuchsia sword-shaped leaves were striking against the backdrop of golden and beige walls, simply beautiful. On closer inspection, she could see that magnificent but elegant flower was shaped like a trumpet.

Reaching out her hand to the delicate, creamy, and soft leaves she gazed at the cheerful connotation of admiration and appreciation of the Zantedeschia rehmannii lilies. Its scent would remind her of this spectacular night. The lilies stood tall and proud in the palace’s great hall. And there they were, the jewels of times past, the voices of the ancestors’ soul and spirits echoed through the hall. She walked between them, taking in the curves and textures of each artifact, letting her mind think as perhaps the makers did.

To her, each artifact was a piece of the past, or perhaps a mirror image into the culture, spirit, and ancestor’s soul and the ways they told a legend of the royal Theron Chevaliér’s family. Antiques and artifacts ringed the great hall, a collection of cultures and fashions through the ages. There was everything from Ancient Egypt to Early modern France.

There was funerary art of Egyptian queen, Nefertiti, Ethiopian Scrolls, South African BAULE Harp, Asante African currency, French horn, Rococo painting, “The Spoiled Child”, and French artillery swords, all of them covered in a glass cabinet. At the far end of the glass cabinet, there was 18th-century tortoiseshell jewelry box with floral motives, it was a rare but delicate antique, covered in 18K gold. As she approached the cabinet glancing in, she couldn’t help but smile as she watches a piece of the past, a lost treasure of history. She glided away from the glass cabinet of antiques and artifacts that stood proudly in the great hall. Her footsteps echoed sharply around the deserted hallway and mahogany floor, sounding overly noisy in her ears, like the booming and rapid heartbeat.

Every step she took she inched closer to the palace’s stairwell leading to the grand ballroom doors. Her palms were wilting and the adrenaline coursing through her small petite body. Her crème mask with golden lace trimmings framed her face perfectly.

The mask showing off her hazel eyes with a melt of autumn tones. As she inched closer to the stairwell leading to the ballroom’s doors a gaggle of goose pimples laminated her smooth but beautiful mocha-caramel skin. With each step, the moonlight pierced through the multi-glass paned windows caressing her skin. Then, abruptly pausing to close her cat-like hazel eyes and take in a deep breath of still air, she felt a tingle of butterflies in her stomach. She steeled herself to only think of her future from here on in and to make a good impression on the royal family.

Then with each step after that, she felt more in charge, less nervous and more in command of her mind, body, and soul. She was a young woman walking into her destiny, a destiny that laid squarely in her own hands. As she reached the end of the stairwell, she felt a vague sense of familiarity with someone watching over her as she walked down the stairs.

The doors to the grand ballroom of the palace are thrown open, and she enters at the top of the stairs. The ballroom was filled with the sounds of the violin, celesta, timpani, theorbo, and cellos. There was something about the way the instruments sing that sets her heart into the deepest of symphonies, deeply harrowing and torrential in the way it encompasses her body. She couldn’t find anything as which holds at much capacity in power as do those instruments especially the violin. It can be her friend, her family, her true love, however, for always, it will be in her accompaniment, helping her to portray her feelings to the crowd.

Its soft angelic slender strings caress the musician’s fingers, its curves are tenderly traced under their palms, and to them, nothing in the world can compare to the sense of empowerment which is achieved with the most marveling mix of notes. Every single suitor in the ballroom had their eye on the Crown Prince of the Theron Chevaliér family. He had sleek curly light brown hair, which was thick and shiny.

His eyes were simply hypnotizing the color of rich chocolate. He had a delicate and yet masculine face that stopped any woman or man in their tracks. She guesses he must get used to that, the sudden glares he gets for having perfect facial features. When anyone looked his way they received a natural expression followed by overcompensating with a nonchalant gaze and a pearly-white smile. The blush in his rosy cheeks that followed was a dead give-away. It didn’t help that he was so modest but bordering on arrogance and pretentious with it; it made the women fall for him all the more.

Despite all the opportunity that came his way he was a charming seducer who prized one-night stands, lipstick, and high-heels above genuineness and thoughtful conversation. He was handsome all right, but inside he was hiding who he truly was… a gentleman at heart with an angelic soul. Every woman at the ball tried to get the Prince’s attention.

However, the prince didn’t seem interested in any woman in the room that grabbed his attention until she walked into the ballroom…….

“The breeze blew warm announcing the coming of the spring’s coolest nights. The aroma of the tall Kikuyu grasses was fragrant, almost sickly, the smell of flowers cut through the soft scent of the night’s moist grass. The moon was under siege by stars that seemed to lighten the night bringing forth stars that shone and hung in the blackness painting more sublime than any artist could create. The clarity above became reflected in his mind and before midnight the prince set a plan in motion.

Upon seeing her, she captivated his mind, body, and soul. She appeared in the room with the Vintage Swwetheart Gold Lace Ball Gown. Everyone in the room couldn’t take their eyes off her beauty, even thou she hid it under a creme mask with golden lace trimmings. Gold Lace gown never looked so beautiful it was like a work of art on the woman. With hair that was a soft brown, like the color of fresh fallen Autumn browned leaves, not dark but simple gentle in any light, and her head held high, she waltzed on with an effortless saunter.

The clicking of her heels added tempo to the soft chamber music that played ahead without any interruption. Her eyes scanned the room with determination in search of someone until her eyes met his. So beautiful it was like the stars themselves, rested behind the soft cushion of her lips.

She gazed into his soul; her eyes of milk chocolate fused with a hint of deep forest green scrutinizing things inside of which he could only dream of seeing in himself. She was a mystery. A dangerously beautiful mystery, and he was ensnared in the trap of her presence in which she’d set. The moon poured down on them, showering them with beams of light. They caught in her hair, making each dark curl appear it was alighting with passion.

Her skin was glistened by the stars; she was alluring, she would blink her eyes from time to time, allowing her eyelashes to flutter like the wings of a butterfly. My god, her eyes were simply spellbinding. He devoured her face with his eyes, wishing with all his being that he could reach out and brush her hand against her perfectly shaped cheekbones, or under the feathers of her thick, dark lashes.

But he refrained from doing so and continued to succumb to the endless torture of watching her without being able to touch. She was like an African ornament, and even the gentlest caress would break her delicate form. Her breath toppled out of her soft lips like a soft breeze softly blowing through the sky. She was an angel; a princess of light; a Nubian African queen. She was a mystery.

An exotic beautiful mystery wrapped within a riddle. He knew the truth. That it was beating away inside her, like a nonstop conga drum.

Longingly, at that moment he had fallen in love with her. The girl with no name.He wanted everything about her…

Her attention, her love, her innocence until nothing else in this world mattered to him, but her… He had to know who she was. There was an air of charisma about her he hasn’t had with other women he’d been with. As the prince heard the crescendo coming out of the violin, it reminded him of the extraordinary sunrise and magnificent view from his chamber suite. When he hears pizzicato, the magical shoulder instrument brings relaxation as the sound of vibration touches him inside something that has never touched his before.

The prince walked over to introduce himself to the mystery woman who has entered the palace. He held out his hand it bore the strength of a thousand men; strong and protective for her to take. She complied, but instead of shaking hands like everyone else, he brought her hand to his lips and placed a gentle kiss upon it.

He felt her face flush warm and the hairs on her neck stand. At that moment she knew that if she spoke, her words would enchant him and he wouldn’t be able to break her mesmerizing beauty and poise. Right there and then, he was at a loss for everything; no words, no breath, no thoughts… She was not like any other woman he had seen the prince always had beautiful exotic women falling to his every need but she had an elegant poise about her. Her high cheekbones and mocha-caramel skin were flawless.The only thing that came out of her mouth at that moment was ”Hallo en goeie aand Prins Sebastián. Dit is ‘n plesier om u bekwaamheid te maak.’ And even then, it came out with such poise. He was completely taken away – by the eyes of a complete stranger…

Visiting North Carolina Cities: Here’s What You Need To Know

North Carolina truly has something for every traveler. It is a state known for its beautiful beaches, breath-taking mountain scenery, world-famous barbecue, and plenty of Old Southern hospitality and charm. North Carolina is also the home to NASCAR, America‘s home to speedway racing. Visitors to the Tarheel state can enjoy the peaceful and relaxing outdoor activities from swimming, hiking, and mountain climbing. Experience the taste of Appalachian culture in the Blue Ridge and Smokey mountains.

Escape to the state’s coastal region with secluded barrier islands in the Outer Banks and the vibrant riverfront city of Wilmington. North Carolina is known as a traveling destination for many native Carolinians and travelers. Nearly everywhere in North Carolina is home to something especially the best reasons why I love this state.

You’ll find North Carolina is the place to visit on the map. North Carolina has many wonderful and amazing cities to visit. But with so many to choose from – how does one even choose? Well, here is an overview of the top places to visit in North Carolina:

Fayetteville, North Carolina

”Red, White, and Blue” the United States flag captures the heart, soul and spirit of the American people. Fayetteville is a city that captures the essence of the American flag along with their heart and soul. Fayetteville is known as the home of Fort Bragg, a U.S. Army facility, its residents take extreme pride in their town and hold the values of patriotism and freedom close to their hearts and spirits. Those military heroes who served our country are loved and celebrated with honor here, and visitors are filled with emotion of those who served and love their country.

Experience and explore the history of southern North Carolina in the Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex. A building with more than 400 years of history, displayed in a number of exhibits about slavery and the Civil War, European settlements, Native Americans and other interesting subjects. The facilities include the Arsenal Park, it features the remains of a factory that served both the Federal and Confederate governments and the 1897 Poe House.

Asheville, North Carolina

The town of Asheville, which is set in the beautiful Blue Ridge Foothills, is known for its reputation as being a vibrant, artsy community. Asheville features a number of boutiques that showcase local artistic creations as well as bars and amazing restaurants to eat. Asheville is located very close to the world-famous and major tourist attraction Biltmore Estate. The estate was built by the influential and wealthy George Vanderbilt.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, is the largest city in North Carolina, has a lot to offer visitors, especially those who love sports. The vibrant city who also earned the nickname the Queen City, Charlotte is home to a number of interesting attractions including the amusement park, Carowinds; the largest man-made whitewater park, the US National Whitewater Center; and the family-friendly Discovery Place, which combines a science museum with an aquarium.

Get ready for NFL football season to root for the Carolina Panthers. Nothing gets the city of Charlotte going then a Panthers tailgate and CAROLINA PANTHERS GAME! Panthers tailgate and game is an absolute blast! If you are a fan of motorsports especially NASCAR, Charlotte is NASCAR country. We have the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the NASCAR Technical Institute, the NASCAR Racing experience, and the Charlotte Motor Speedway.. Next to NFL team of Carolina Panthers, the NASCAR racing is big thrill with North Carolinians!

Top Things That Should Be on Your Bucket List

Lately, we all have some dreams or goals that we have made on our wish list, things-to-do before we get old, goal list and bucket list whatever we want to call it. So, it might be a self-discovery journey trip to Copenhagen, Denmark or writing best-seller Supernatural or Romance novel. For, as dreams goes, these kinds are must-common for people make their lists. Have you ever made a bucket list of the places you would like to see, things you would like do or the things you want to accomplish?

The things you add-on your bucket list should mean something to you for instance, adding backpacking trip through Europe or running a marathon for charity or nonprofit organization. Adding that dream or goal to your list should have an outcome to change your life. It should be a new motto for you to live by every single day. Your bucket list should make you want to get up out of bed and take action to complete your list. Below are some ideas that will help you decide what is that you want to achieve or do on your bucket list, that will rock your world.

1)   Entrepreneurship


Image: Entrepreneurship; Creative Commons Images

Entrepreneurship is a great way to complete your dream or goal of starting a business or organization. Entrepreneurship is a fun and rewarding way to cross of dream on your bucket list. I started my personal content writing business in 2017 without knowledge of professional blogging or content marketing coaching. I started to see increase of gaining clients, building relationships and marketing the right content for client’s companies or products for their brands. By being smart, determined, diligent and persistent in your endeavor for success, there’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t succeed.


2)   Travel around the world

Traveling around the world041418

Image: Traveling around the world,

Traveling — seeing new places, meeting new people and just enjoying the experience exposes you to new cultures, moves you out of your comfort zone, broadens your mind, allows you to meet new people, and experience the beautiful magic and wonders of the world. On most people’s bucket lists traveling is actually listed as their number 1. I suggest to anyone who wants to see the world, traveling is the way to go! In November of 2016, I went on a weeklong trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where I saw museums, experienced new culture and art at the Liberty Bell, saw how important history still impacts our lives at African-American museum, Rocky steps and the beauty of Washington Square.

3)   Let Someone touch your life

Touching your life

Image: Someone touching your life, Excellent Quotes image.

In our life’s journey, we are constantly touched, comforted and supported by people around us, whether it is family, friends, husband, wife or acquaintances. Can you identify someone who has touched your life? Someone who has made a difference in your life? I know you may be thinking, how can this land on a bucket list but every day in our life’s journey we take for granted the simple things in life that makes us happy.

Having someone in our life that touches us is inspirational. If you meet someone who has touched your life in a big way write that person a letter and let him or her know how much he or she means to you. I have met some great people in my life that touched me in many ways from my best friend, parents, my brothers and even someone who has touched my heart.

4)   Pursue your passion

Pursue your passions

Image: Pursue Your Passion, Digital bloggers;

Do you have something that inspires you or makes you happy? Pursue your passion whether it is photography, music, writing and singing? We all have something in our life that we love. I currently work as Freelance writer, Freelancer as camera operator and promotions event staffer at radio station. I love writing and the world of journalism, I have never looked back. It has been the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done and I plan to do this for the rest of my life because it is my passion.

What is your passion? Is it to be a writer? To write next great novel or movie? To be a life coach? Help others on their personal journey of life. To be the best that you can be? How can you start pursuing it? Some people pursue their passion part-time while others make it their careers. I personally have done this for myself, turned my passion for journalism into freelancing as a writer, camera operator and video editor.

5)   Inspire people and Share your story!


Image: Share your story; Integrative Cancer Answers

Lastly, many people in this world have a chance to inspire people and share their life stories. Many people need inspiration in life whether it is life coaching, mentoring a troubled child or just need an extra boost of faith in themselves. DON’T be afraid of inspiring people to share your life’s story. Speak to people, share your story to inspire millions of people who would be a life changing thing.

Kiss of a Angel: A Paranormal Romance

Lexington Lifton suspected something was a little off when he noticed all the strange activity going on in New York City when he was just six years old. Nevertheless, he lived a relatively normal life among other humans.

It wasn’t until he bumped into the devilishly beautiful angel, Lauréen Lavoisiér, that his life finally began to make sense.

However, Lauréen proved to be gracious and seemed to have an habit of popping up everywhere with no explanation. Lexington soon learned that Lauréen had taken an oath to never fall in love with a human.

When Lexington’s younger brother Lucas is injured in an unfortunate  car accident, Lexington realizes his own life is at risk by outside evil forces.

Despite Lauréen’s beautiful demeanor and gorgeous hazel truth eyes, Lexington finds himself falling for the angel. Only fate will decided whether she can protect her new love or give  him a tearful goodbye.

One night,  while Lexington is sleeping he gets a strange visit from a supernatural creature. The creature tries to make Lexington a tempting offer of living for all eternity but before Lexington gives the creature an answer, he hallucinates seeing the beautiful angel Lauréen in front of him. Lauréen  warns Lexington to not take the deal and to stay away from the evil darkness that is trying to get him.

The creature manipulates Lexington into giving into the darkness with mind control. The creature gives Lexington a sliver sword – saying he must kill Lauréen, the beautiful angel he has fallen in love with.

Will Lexington find it in himself to follow through on orders of the creature that brainwashed him to kill the beautiful angel he has fallen in love with?

TS-5 Virus Zombie Apocalypse

Photo of Ryo Thorn-Devian Art, The eradication of New York

A zombie apocalypse has destroyed the world as we know it.

The year is 2025. New York is a deserted place ruled by the undead of flesh-eating zombies. Once glorious, New York City has become overrun by the undead.

The beautiful landmark of the Statue of Liberty is now under water and overrun by the undead of the city. Articulate Pathologist, Dr Jessica Jacks is humanity’s only hope. Jessica has been studying the undead for the last seven years trying to develop an antidote to the deadly TS-5 virus that has turned the world into deadly and blood thirsty zombies.

Image of Post apocalyptic New York Statue of Liberty, Featured image of

Jessica and a group of survivors finds the courage to start a secret revolutionary organization called The Resistance. The fight is jeopardized when Jessica and a group of the Resistance survivors are lured into a trap in Times Square by the violent and greedy Neurologist, Dr Lorenzo Lopez, who wants the TS-5 virus antidote for himself. Jessica and the resistance gets attacked by the undead and barely escapes but she injures her hand.

Armed with guns, a massive plan and an antidote to TS-5 virus, The Resistance try their best to save mankind, but can they defeat the deadly zombies that have taken over New York? Can they restore the Statue of Liberty and the rest of the world to its former glory?

The Portrait of Katie-Rose Chevalier

A few years ago, a wealthy couple decided to take a romantic vacation in Rome, Italy. Before they left on their trip they asked their live-in nanny Emily to watch and take care of the kids. That night when the couple left for their romantic vacation, the two children Lucas and Lindsey were already fast asleep in bed. So the nanny decided to some chores around the home. She started cleaning upstairs and worked her way downstairs to her boss’s library office. As she was cleaning the windows in the library, Emily came across a portrait of a young but beautiful woman hanging on the library wall.

The portrait immediately grabbed Emily’s attention she couldn’t take her eyes off the portrait. She felt the portrait was calling out to her. As Emily stepped closer to the portrait hanging on the wall she saw the woman in the portrait move. Emily was very shaken and ran out the library. She heard Lucas in bed calling out for her. Emily ran upstairs and went into the children’s room. She asked Lucas, “Why are you still up? You should be in bed sleeping. Lucas responded to Emily, “I had a nightmare.” Emily said to Lucas “It is alright it was just a bad dream. Lucas go back to sleep.”

Emily tucked Lucas back into bed and he fell fast asleep. As Emily walked downstairs she thought about the portrait of young woman she saw in the library. Emily decided to do some research on the portrait. She found a Art history book in her room about the lady in the portrait. She found out a young woman named Katie-Rose Chevalier was engaged to a wealthy aristocrat in Massachusetts during the 1780s. On the night before her wedding she mysteriously disappeared. There were many stories told over the years of her disappearance. But no one knew what happened to the young woman.

Later that night, Emily decided to watch TV, so she headed downstairs to the family room so she wouldn’t wake the kids. As she entered the family room the phone rang. Emily answered the phone so she wouldn’t disturb the kids as they slept. The couple asked how the kids were doing and if everything is okay. Emily had asked for a special request … she asked if she could take down the portrait of Katie-Rose in the library downstairs or cover it up with a cloth, because it made her very nervous. The phone line was silent for a moment, and the mother who was talking to Emily at the time said, “Emily I am not sure what portrait you’re taking about but the only portrait we have is a family portrait in the library.” Emily puts down the phone and walked slowly to the library. When she entered the room she noticed the woman in the painting wasn’t there….

Emily ran out the library and headed upstairs to grab the children but before she could make it to the children’s room there was the woman from the portrait Katie-Rose holding her hand out. Emily asked “What do you want? Katie-Rose responded, “You”. Several days later the parents came back from their vacation to check on their kids and the nanny because they haven’t heard from them in a week. The parents found their children safe from harm and their nanny making breakfast in the kitchen. As the father heads into the library there is a silent but faint cry for help coming from the portrait on the wall. As the father leaves the library to join his family in the main dining area you can see the portrait of the wealthy couple and their two children but deep underneath lies a portrait of the young woman Katie-Rose but the woman in the picture isn’t Katie-Rose it is the couple’s nanny Emily….

Special Angel In Heaven

In Memory of Annie Mae “Granny” Walker

Special Angel In Heaven Poem.png

10 Things That Inspire Me

“Inspiration is everywhere SOFTEN in UNEXPECTED PLACES: You just have to keep your eyes OPEN.” 

What’s inspiring to you? Is it photography, people, beautiful places, history, creative works of art? Where do you find inspiration?

Life is full of possibilities it is up to us to make the most of it. Have you ever just wrote down a list of things that inspire you? Have you ever been inspired? Today I would like to share with you 10 things that inspire me.

  1. Faith:“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1 NIV)   The faith that I have what keeps me going especially when times are rough. When I celebrate times of great joy my faith is still there because no matter what happens in my life, faith is my everlasting hope. That is inspiring to me.
  2. Family: Family gives me their unconditional love and support. They are my backbone the people who have raised, sheltered, educated, pushed and nurtured me.
  3. Friends: They motivate me and inspire me to be the best person I can be. They have shown me love, support, understanding and respect.
  4. Love: Love is amazing experience. Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” (1 Corinthians 13:4-7) Love is the most beautiful thing that anyone can experience.
  5. Music: Music is the voice of the soul. Music feeds our minds, bodies and souls. Music is made up of creativity and music makes me feel wonderful. Music is my inspiration.
  6. Journalism: Whether it is new media, broadcast journalism, or digital media – I love the world of journalism especially news. News is story-telling and the passion of uncovering the truth that comes with it.
  7. Writing: Writing gives me the means to express myself. Writing gives me a purpose to express my thoughts and feelings not just on paper. What inspires me about writing is great writers like Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes.
  8. Perseverance:Life is not an easy road. Life throws curve balls and drives us to different directions sometimes. Life sometimes knocks us down but when people decide to not let the curve balls get the best of them they get right back up to move forward towards their dreams in life – that is truly inspiring!
  9. Happiness: Do you love the expression on someone’s face when they are smiling. How about the glow in their eyes or the body language they give off. Happiness is a wonderful thing to see on anyone’s face. That is inspiring to see.
  10.  Clarity: There are moments in your life where your job consumes you and you’re stressing over personal matters that you just want to disappear. Then you think about the bigger picture and what’s truly important in your life. There is inspiration to be found in those moments that bring inner peace.

No More Excuses

Who is this in the mirror, who is this I see?  Who is this person I wonder staring back at me

A reflection of broken words, bruised ribs and scars

The familiar person I use to see, yet looking at them now they appear intimidated, fragile and lonely

Is the person I once knew still in the reflection?

What will it take to find her again?  Is she somewhere in the mirror, or is she somewhere within?

1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime.  If you know someone who is a victim of domestic abuse, talk to her about it and don’t stop talking until the violence stops.  To find out how call One Eight Hundred Seven Ninety Nine SAFE.