Top Things That Should Be on Your Bucket List

Lately, we all have some dreams or goals that we have made on our wish list, things-to-do before we get old, goal list and bucket list whatever we want to call it. So, it might be a self-discovery journey trip to Copenhagen, Denmark or writing best-seller Supernatural or Romance novel. For, as dreams goes, these kinds are must-common for people make their lists. Have you ever made a bucket list of the places you would like to see, things you would like do or the things you want to accomplish?

The things you add-on your bucket list should mean something to you for instance, adding backpacking trip through Europe or running a marathon for charity or nonprofit organization. Adding that dream or goal to your list should have an outcome to change your life. It should be a new motto for you to live by every single day. Your bucket list should make you want to get up out of bed and take action to complete your list. Below are some ideas that will help you decide what is that you want to achieve or do on your bucket list, that will rock your world.

1)   Entrepreneurship

Image: Entrepreneurship; Creative Commons Images

Entrepreneurship is a great way to complete your dream or goal of starting a business or organization. Entrepreneurship is a fun and rewarding way to cross of dream on your bucket list. I started my personal content writing business in 2017 without knowledge of professional blogging or content marketing coaching. I started to see increase of gaining clients, building relationships and marketing the right content for client’s companies or products for their brands. By being smart, determined, diligent and persistent in your endeavor for success, there’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t succeed.


2)   Travel around the world

Traveling around the world041418
Image: Traveling around the world,

Traveling — seeing new places, meeting new people and just enjoying the experience exposes you to new cultures, moves you out of your comfort zone, broadens your mind, allows you to meet new people, and experience the beautiful magic and wonders of the world. On most people’s bucket lists traveling is actually listed as their number 1. I suggest to anyone who wants to see the world, traveling is the way to go! In November of 2016, I went on a weeklong trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where I saw museums, experienced new culture and art at the Liberty Bell, saw how important history still impacts our lives at African-American museum, Rocky steps and the beauty of Washington Square.

3)   Let Someone touch your life

Touching your life
Image: Someone touching your life, Excellent Quotes image.

In our life’s journey, we are constantly touched, comforted and supported by people around us, whether it is family, friends, husband, wife or acquaintances. Can you identify someone who has touched your life? Someone who has made a difference in your life? I know you may be thinking, how can this land on a bucket list but every day in our life’s journey we take for granted the simple things in life that makes us happy.

Having someone in our life that touches us is inspirational. If you meet someone who has touched your life in a big way write that person a letter and let him or her know how much he or she means to you. I have met some great people in my life that touched me in many ways from my best friend, parents, my brothers and even someone who has touched my heart.

4)   Pursue your passion

Pursue your passions
Image: Pursue Your Passion, Digital bloggers;

Do you have something that inspires you or makes you happy? Pursue your passion whether it is photography, music, writing and singing? We all have something in our life that we love. I currently work as Freelance writer, Freelancer as camera operator and promotions event staffer at radio station. I love writing and the world of journalism, I have never looked back. It has been the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done and I plan to do this for the rest of my life because it is my passion.

What is your passion? Is it to be a writer? To write next great novel or movie? To be a life coach? Help others on their personal journey of life. To be the best that you can be? How can you start pursuing it? Some people pursue their passion part-time while others make it their careers. I personally have done this for myself, turned my passion for journalism into freelancing as a writer, camera operator and video editor.

5)   Inspire people and Share your story!

Image: Share your story; Integrative Cancer Answers

Lastly, many people in this world have a chance to inspire people and share their life stories. Many people need inspiration in life whether it is life coaching, mentoring a troubled child or just need an extra boost of faith in themselves. DON’T be afraid of inspiring people to share your life’s story. Speak to people, share your story to inspire millions of people who would be a life changing thing.

A Cinderella Tale: Malia an African Queen Chapter I: Malia, beautiful young woman of Kenya

The moon glistening over the ocean with lightening in dark blue sky
Sturdivant, Andrea. Photography of Moon glistening over the ocean with reflection of lightening Feb 2018 Aug. 2016, (Original Version

The night rolled over bringing a threat of a storm. Light was covered by the rapidly falling night. The sky transformed into glistening ocean of blackness. Shimmering stars illuminated the moonless, jet black sky, as the air was still and heavy. A cool but gentle breeze swept deep down in Kenya.

Her mesmerizing beauty would never escape my memory. I clearly remember her sweet but innocent face. Her soft and silky wool-like hair flowing with curls, as her lips were full and her mocha-caramel skin was completely flawless. Her eyes were the color of milk chocolate edged with a deep forest-green. Her smile seems so genuinely sweet with a touch of shyness that has unexpected ray of light, hope and warmth.

Something radiated from within that rendered her irresistible to both men and women. Men desired her and women courted her friendship. She lived as a servant girl in peaceful, quiet and beautiful suburb city of Karen in Kenya. She lived in a Victorian rustic interior style house dotted with enchanting gardens, grassy hills, and breath-taking mighty peak of Mount Kenya whose white and blue pyramid domes towered in distance above the quiet city.

I couldn’t get her out of my head, she was so beautiful, and her name was a piece of art. It was breath-taking, I couldn’t allow myself to speak, afraid I was going to forget her angelic name. Her name was so unique, fearless and strong like a queen. I had never heard of a name like hers, a name like Malia. This story is a tale of unjust oppression, love and fear…

Her story was like no other, it all began about twenty-two years ago. I saw her for the first time across the deep dark pebble dirt paths in the land. She had deep but piercing like eyes, just like her father. Her whole world came crumbling down when her father died. Malia was eight-years old when she lost her father.

She lived in a beautiful suburb city of Karen in Kenya with her cold, manipulative, and shrewd stepmother Anaya and step siblings Amare, Sydnéy and Sanaa. Malia worked as an servant earning her stepmother’s love and respect. She was constantly tormented by her deceitful, spiteful and cold step-sisters Sanaa and Sydnéy. Her step-brother Amare wasn’t an devious person like the rest of his family. He chose to protected her, seeing that she was gracious, lovable and had an innocence about her while gaining her loyalty.

The sky burst from bright yellow fiery ball of fire that changed to hues of orange. The clouds moved slowly in the sky while the silhouettes of birds flew home across the magenta sky. The sky draped across the glistening and still deep water , but its reflection of the white and blue pyramid domes of Mount Kenya illuminated in the water. As Malia was completing chores around the home, her step-sister Sanaa knocked over an expensive but rare Romano-Egyptian figure Goddess Ma’at.

When Malia’s stepmother came home to the Victorian house and noticed her Romano-Egyptian figure Goddess Ma’at gone from the mirror chested cabinet in the parlour she flew into a rage. She questioned her daughters Sydnéy and Sanaa about the Egyptian figure. Her oldest daughter Sydnéy lied to her mother and said Malia had stolen the Egyptian figure.

Her youngest daughter Sanaa told her mother that Malia hid the Egyptian figure under her bed in the attic. Sanaa had knocked over the Egyptian figure and secretly placed the broken pieces in a cloth inside Malia’s diary in her room. The diary was stuffed under her bed. Anaya paused, looking at it. She was gone but here was a window into Malia’s private thoughts.

She secretly asked herself: Did I want to know? Would it be a violation in reading it? Anaya fingered the cover, tracing the pattern of the African designs on the thick but soft papery cover. Then she opened the diary and found her Egyptian figure wrapped in a cloth in a million broken pieces. Anaya walked across the maple wooden floor and sat down in the rocking chair.

She gazed around the attic looking at pictures of Malia’s parents. The walls were narrow and long coated with lavish coral paint. Silence echoed through the room as she heard footsteps on the squeaky floor outside the attic room. Her daughter Sanaa called out her name, “Mother are you up here?” Anaya answered, “Yes Sanaa come here.”

Sanaa walked in the attic watching her mother staring at blank wall in Malia’s room. She asked her mom, “Did you find your Egyptian figure?” Her mother was silent for few minutes until she told Sanaa yes. She asked her daughter to call the other servants of the house to pack up Malia’s parents belongings.

Malia was working in the conservatory watering the plants and attending to her favorite flowers of Arum Lily. Malia loved working in the conservatory it was a place she felt close to her parents especially her father. Malia left the conservatory and walked into the lavish, elegant long and narrow house, carrying a basket of Arum Lily flowers while hearing her steps echoed on the beautiful stylish Brazilian Tigerwood floor.

She put down the basket of Arum Lily flowers near the landing. She headed up the stairs to the attic. She noticed her attic door was slightly open. Her milk chocolate edged fused with a hint of deep forest-green eyes begin to enlarge as the hairs on the nape of neck bristled. A gaggle of goose pimples laminated her mocha-caramel skin. Every step she took she inched closer to the door handle. Her palms were beginning to sweat and the adrenaline coursing through her small petite body. Finally, the door creaked open.

Malia walked into her room as the tears burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down her face. She could feel the muscles of her chin trembling as the ray of sunlight peaked through attic window. Her noisy sobs echoed through the attic. Malia cling to her bed as the gentle scent of the Arum Lilies kindled memories of her childhood with her parents. She awakened memories long buried, echoing of those of her mother painting in the attic jarred her mind.

She approached the closet in the attic, a gentle smile graced her lips. Her eyes shifted to the side and became glazed with a glassy layer of tears. As she blinked, they dripped from her eyelids and slid down her cheeks. She opened the floorboard and the felt the pleasant wind blowing from the attic window. The gentle breeze was like music of old memories to her.

She touched the empty floorboard, feeling the mahogany wood beneath her fingers. Her lower lip quivered as words slowly made their way out of her mouth. Before she could speak, she heard footsteps on the squeaky floor outside the attic room. She could feel the sweat drench her skin, the throbbing of her own eyes, the ringing screams vibrating in her ears, and the thumping of her heart against her chest. She heard the door open, its creaking noise bringing a chill to her spine…

Kiss of a Angel: A Paranormal Romance

Lexington Lifton suspected something was a little off when he noticed all the strange activity going on in New York City when he was just six years old. Nevertheless, he lived a relatively normal life among other humans.

It wasn’t until he bumped into the devilishly beautiful angel, Lauréen Lavoisiér, that his life finally began to make sense.

However, Lauréen proved to be gracious and seemed to have an habit of popping up everywhere with no explanation. Lexington soon learned that Lauréen had taken an oath to never fall in love with a human.

When Lexington’s younger brother Lucas is injured in an unfortunate  car accident, Lexington realizes his own life is at risk by outside evil forces.

Despite Lauréen’s beautiful demeanor and gorgeous hazel truth eyes, Lexington finds himself falling for the angel. Only fate will decided whether she can protect her new love or give  him a tearful goodbye.

One night,  while Lexington is sleeping he gets a strange visit from a supernatural creature. The creature tries to make Lexington a tempting offer of living for all eternity but before Lexington gives the creature an answer, he hallucinates seeing the beautiful angel Lauréen in front of him. Lauréen  warns Lexington to not take the deal and to stay away from the evil darkness that is trying to get him.

The creature manipulates Lexington into giving into the darkness with mind control. The creature gives Lexington a sliver sword – saying he must kill Lauréen, the beautiful angel he has fallen in love with.

Will Lexington find it in himself to follow through on orders of the creature that brainwashed him to kill the beautiful angel he has fallen in love with?


TS-5 Virus Zombie Apocalypse

Photo of Ryo Thorn-Devian Art, The eradication of New York

A zombie apocalypse has destroyed the world as we know it.

The year is 2025. New York is a deserted place ruled by the undead of flesh-eating zombies. Once glorious, New York City has become overrun by the undead.

The beautiful landmark of the Statue of Liberty is now under water and overrun by the undead of the city. Articulate Pathologist, Dr Jessica Jacks is humanity’s only hope. Jessica has been studying the undead for the last seven years trying to develop an antidote to the deadly TS-5 virus that has turned the world into deadly and blood thirsty zombies.

Image of Post apocalyptic New York Statue of Liberty, Featured image of

Jessica and a group of survivors finds the courage to start a secret revolutionary organization called The Resistance. The fight is jeopardized when Jessica and a group of the Resistance survivors are lured into a trap in Times Square by the violent and greedy Neurologist, Dr Lorenzo Lopez, who wants the TS-5 virus antidote for himself. Jessica and the resistance gets attacked by the undead and barely escapes but she injures her hand.

Armed with guns, a massive plan and an antidote to TS-5 virus, The Resistance try their best to save mankind, but can they defeat the deadly zombies that have taken over New York? Can they restore the Statue of Liberty and the rest of the world to its former glory?

The Portrait of Katie-Rose Chevalier

A few years ago, a wealthy couple decided to take a romantic vacation in Rome, Italy. Before they left on their trip they asked their live-in nanny Emily to watch and take care of the kids. That night when the couple left for their romantic vacation, the two children Lucas and Lindsey were already fast asleep in bed. So the nanny decided to some chores around the home. She started cleaning upstairs and worked her way downstairs to her boss’s library office. As she was cleaning the windows in the library, Emily came across a portrait of a young but beautiful woman hanging on the library wall.

The portrait immediately grabbed Emily’s attention she couldn’t take her eyes off the portrait. She felt the portrait was calling out to her. As Emily stepped closer to the portrait hanging on the wall she saw the woman in the portrait move. Emily was very shaken and ran out the library. She heard Lucas in bed calling out for her. Emily ran upstairs and went into the children’s room. She asked Lucas, “Why are you still up? You should be in bed sleeping. Lucas responded to Emily, “I had a nightmare.” Emily said to Lucas “It is alright it was just a bad dream. Lucas go back to sleep.”

Emily tucked Lucas back into bed and he fell fast asleep. As Emily walked downstairs she thought about the portrait of young woman she saw in the library. Emily decided to do some research on the portrait. She found a Art history book in her room about the lady in the portrait. She found out a young woman named Katie-Rose Chevalier was engaged to a wealthy aristocrat in Massachusetts during the 1780s. On the night before her wedding she mysteriously disappeared. There were many stories told over the years of her disappearance. But no one knew what happened to the young woman.

Later that night, Emily decided to watch TV, so she headed downstairs to the family room so she wouldn’t wake the kids. As she entered the family room the phone rang. Emily answered the phone so she wouldn’t disturb the kids as they slept. The couple asked how the kids were doing and if everything is okay. Emily had asked for a special request … she asked if she could take down the portrait of Katie-Rose in the library downstairs or cover it up with a cloth, because it made her very nervous. The phone line was silent for a moment, and the mother who was talking to Emily at the time said, “Emily I am not sure what portrait you’re taking about but the only portrait we have is a family portrait in the library.” Emily puts down the phone and walked slowly to the library. When she entered the room she noticed the woman in the painting wasn’t there….

Emily ran out the library and headed upstairs to grab the children but before she could make it to the children’s room there was the woman from the portrait Katie-Rose holding her hand out. Emily asked “What do you want? Katie-Rose responded, “You”. Several days later the parents came back from their vacation to check on their kids and the nanny because they haven’t heard from them in a week. The parents found their children safe from harm and their nanny making breakfast in the kitchen. As the father heads into the library there is a silent but faint cry for help coming from the portrait on the wall. As the father leaves the library to join his family in the main dining area you can see the portrait of the wealthy couple and their two children but deep underneath lies a portrait of the young woman Katie-Rose but the woman in the picture isn’t Katie-Rose it is the couple’s nanny Emily….

10 Things That Inspire Me

“Inspiration is everywhere SOFTEN in UNEXPECTED PLACES: You just have to keep your eyes OPEN.” 

What’s inspiring to you? Is it photography, people, beautiful places, history, creative works of art? Where do you find inspiration?

Life is full of possibilities it is up to us to make the most of it. Have you ever just wrote down a list of things that inspire you? Have you ever been inspired? Today I would like to share with you 10 things that inspire me.

  1. Faith:“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1 NIV)   The faith that I have what keeps me going especially when times are rough. When I celebrate times of great joy my faith is still there because no matter what happens in my life, faith is my everlasting hope. That is inspiring to me.
  2. Family: Family gives me their unconditional love and support. They are my backbone the people who have raised, sheltered, educated, pushed and nurtured me.
  3. Friends: They motivate me and inspire me to be the best person I can be. They have shown me love, support, understanding and respect.
  4. Love: Love is amazing experience. Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” (1 Corinthians 13:4-7) Love is the most beautiful thing that anyone can experience.
  5. Music: Music is the voice of the soul. Music feeds our minds, bodies and souls. Music is made up of creativity and music makes me feel wonderful. Music is my inspiration.
  6. Journalism: Whether it is new media, broadcast journalism, or digital media – I love the world of journalism especially news. News is story-telling and the passion of uncovering the truth that comes with it.
  7. Writing: Writing gives me the means to express myself. Writing gives me a purpose to express my thoughts and feelings not just on paper. What inspires me about writing is great writers like Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes.
  8. Perseverance:Life is not an easy road. Life throws curve balls and drives us to different directions sometimes. Life sometimes knocks us down but when people decide to not let the curve balls get the best of them they get right back up to move forward towards their dreams in life – that is truly inspiring!
  9. Happiness: Do you love the expression on someone’s face when they are smiling. How about the glow in their eyes or the body language they give off. Happiness is a wonderful thing to see on anyone’s face. That is inspiring to see.
  10.  Clarity: There are moments in your life where your job consumes you and you’re stressing over personal matters that you just want to disappear. Then you think about the bigger picture and what’s truly important in your life. There is inspiration to be found in those moments that bring inner peace.

No More Excuses

Who is this in the mirror, who is this I see?  Who is this person I wonder staring back at me

A reflection of broken words, bruised ribs and scars

The familiar person I use to see, yet looking at them now they appear intimidated, fragile and lonely

Is the person I once knew still in the reflection?

What will it take to find her again?  Is she somewhere in the mirror, or is she somewhere within?

1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime.  If you know someone who is a victim of domestic abuse, talk to her about it and don’t stop talking until the violence stops.  To find out how call One Eight Hundred Seven Ninety Nine SAFE.

Faith In God: How Can I Develop Faith in Jesus Christ

Faith In GodHave you ever been in a situation where you were struggling with your faith? Have you faced trial and tribulation after trial where you have struggled to come to terms of why you were going through your hardship? There has been many times where I’ve struggled with my faith, but God has always been right there by my side and faithful to the point where He gave me strength when I needed it. The Bible tells us one way where we can increase our faith:

“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”-Romans 10:17

In order to grow your faith start by reading your Bible, Word of God on a daily basis. In the Bible there are Holy accounts of growing your faith, such as when Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead, or when Jesus walks on water, or when Jesus feeds the five thousand are all Holy accounts of Christ’s miracles, love and resurrection being showed in the Bible.

Another way of developing your faith is being obedient to God and living your life according to Him. As you are obedient, you will start to feel God moving in many areas of your life as well as experiencing the Holy Spirit and God’s power. Boosting your faith in God, you can study your Bible, participate in group prayer, praying daily, going to church to fellowship, believing in your heart and spirit of what God has done for you.

Have Faith in God

Do you have faith in God? Do you trust in Jesus Christ to save your soul? Do you place your trust in the truth, the way, and light in Jesus? If you are lost, unsure about your faith or haven’t put your faith and trust in God, I encourage you to do so. Don’t wait another day to make a decision about your faith. Act now! Today is the day for your salvation, “That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.”-1 Corinthians 2:5

Simple Prayer God Answers and Hears All


So I pray…

So I pray…

Dear God, here I am needing your guidance and support.

Going through this life with the trails and tribulations I go through.

Lord, help me to continue to pray this prayer.

Praying for my life of the endless suffering.

Praying for hurt and anger I feel inside.

Praying for soul to be saved.

Praying for a chance.

So I pray…

So I pray… Praying to walk hand in hand with you Lord.

Praying for hope.

Praying for salvation.

Praying that you hear this prayer.

So I pray…

So I pray…

Pray that you hear this prayer