4 Side Hustles for Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads That Actually Work

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Guest blog article written by Eleanor Wyatt

We all know that stay-at-home parenting is a full-time job – yet, sadly, it’s one that doesn’t guarantee a full-time paycheck. According to Pew Research, 1 in 5 moms and dads are stay-at-home parents. Perhaps you’re wondering how these individuals are making money to pay the bills without sacrificing time with the kids.

Especially these days, there are plenty of work opportunities for individuals with the right combination of discipline and flexibility. So today, Andrea Sturdivant offers some tips and resources on side hustles that are perfect for stay-at-home parents.

1.    Freelance

It’s no wonder that this one is at the top of our list. Find jobs such as writing blog posts, creating picture filters, or editing videos – there is something out there for every skill set. And you can make great money off it, too, especially if you hone your skills and strategically pick your jobs. The best part is that you have the liberty to take on assignments according to your schedule – so during summer months or busy days at home, you can always choose to say no. In addition to the flexibility, setting up a website to show off your work will be the best way to attract potential clients. Join the over 50% of Americans that contribute to the gig economy, and earn anywhere upwards of $25 an hour.

2.    Photography

Most new parents are natural photographers. In addition to photographing your little toddler’s every step, why not put your skill to monetary use? Hone your natural talents by taking an online course or researching styles, techniques, and cameras. And then put the word out about your new services. Friends and family will pay a hefty amount for a warm face at events like weddings or christenings. In addition, bloggers and other companies will pay you for your photography. You can also sell stock images on sites like Unsplash or Pixels, where, according to Format, you can earn anywhere from $50-100 an hour. Those are significant earnings – and flexible for part-time parents too!

3.    Course Creation

You don’t need a background in teaching or research (although that certainly helps) to create high-demand online courses. Do some analysis on trending topics and find ways to create valuable content that is easy to digest and implement. Platforms like Teachable make course creation easy. Start small and grow, rather than making long, intense courses that cost hundreds of dollars. Expect to make over $97 per person per course on this one, which has the potential to bring in the big bucks.

4.    E-commerce

Any article on side hustles would be remiss without the mention of e-commerce entrepreneurship. According to the U.S Small Business Administration, 30.7% of Americans attempt to make an online store at some point in their lives. Etsy, Depop, eBay, and Shopify are common selling platforms. Have a skill? Sell it! Anything from organic wine and kid’s mailboxes to crochet hats and plastic rings (in fact, the more niche, the better) has the potential to sell.

Start by advertising to friends and family, and once you have consistent revenue coming in, you can contribute to those advertising dollars. Also, remember to help spread the word by posting promotional images on Facebook and Instagram. To save even more money, skip the graphic designer and create your own images using these business logo design templates for free.

Working from home requires discipline and organization – and that’s especially true with kids around. But with the right approach, your work can thrive, and your whole family can benefit. Happy earning!

Andrea Sturdivant is a writer, video editor, and digital content creator, blessed to have met and been mentored by great professionals in the broadcasting industry. Feel free to share your thoughts and questions and she’ll get back to you as soon as she can.

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