God’s Tears

One of these days God is going to step down from his mighty throne

He will be coming to claim us for His own

Some will be regretting the life they’ve had

As God sorts the good from the bad

The trumpets will sound with praise and the angels will dance

Drowning out the sorrowful and guilty cries for just one more chance

The skies will darken as God’s word is spoken

As God’s heart seems to be broken

All his angels will fall in place their lives filled already with His grace

As God’s tears begin to roll down his face

They’ll fade away walking hand in hand as a glorious light reveals the Holy Kingdom of the Promise land

I know God wouldn’t want to leave them behind

He will cry for those who decieved him

At the front of the line is where I want to be

Walking into heaven’s doors being greeted by family and friends

I want to rejoice in Eternity with my Holy Father in the Holy Kingdom of the Promise Land

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