Footprints In the Sand

A poem of salvation, assurance and faith

That is buried deep in the sand a set of footprints

Told of endless story of courage and faith

Being carried across this land with knowledge of hope and kindness

He carried a heavy weight for me through trials and suffering

Lifting my bruised and bloody feet

Into his everlasting healing arms as my healing of my mind, body and soul was complete

He didn’t have to lift my burden from anguish, sorrow or even defeat

For my endless suffering was mine to bear

He didn’t have to soften my way of endless pain

His eternal love, he didn’t have to share

Still He lifted me into His arms and carried me with ease

He soothed my fear and crumpled brow

He carried me through the many steps down this circuitous journey through time

Too weak to stand or walk

He soothed away the strife

Now through the midst I look behind me

As I stand on heaven’s Holy shore

Those buried footprints deepened in the sand, as a open door forms across mushy sand

He knocked so many times, but I didn’t heed the call

Until my life turned into turmoil and then I surrendered all.

I thank God that Jesus waited for me to unlock the door

Instead of seeing footprints my feet would be cut and sore

Now with soft healed feet I kneel before the throne

I praise Jesus and rejoice, as I claimed salvation for my own

I have completed my last hour

If you look behind and only see one set of footprints in the sand

Know that you’re being carried towards the Holy Kingdom of the Promise land.

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